Two Men Killed in Westmoreland Crash

Two motorcyclists were killed after being injured in an accident on the Retreat main road in Negril, Westmoreland.

The deceased have been identified as 65-year-old Balford Tomlinson and 18-year-old Domonik Brown, both from the parish.

According to reports, Brown and Tomlinson were riding their respective motorcycles along the New Hope main road in Little London when they were struck by a BMW X5 motor vehicle.

According to reports, the BMW X5 was traveling east towards Savanna-La-Mar, while Tomlinson and Brown were traveling west towards Negril. The driver of the BMW allegedly veered to the right, lost control of the vehicle, and struck both men. Brown reportedly sustained abdominal injuries and one of his arms was cut totally. Both men died instantly.

The BMW X5 driver allegedly did not stop. The cops then located the abandoned vehicle without its rear license plate. There were no occupants inside.

The event caused traffic jam along the main road in New Hope.

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