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Two Men Arrested in Detective Sergeant Shot in Head Case


Kingston, Jamaica (McN) – The police are reporting the arrest of two of the alleged gunmen involved in the shooting and murder from Fletchers Land to Olympic Gardens, Kingston on Saturday January 28. 

The attack left a police detective sergeant connected to the Kingston Central CIB, fighting for his life in the hospital after he was shot in the head by gunmen in Olympic Gardens, Kingston.

Prior gunmen opening fire on the police in Olympic Gardens, Kingston, police reports are that the alleged same gunmen earlier killed a taxi driver, who was also a trained security guard, and injured a bystander in a shooting.

Detective Sergeant Shot in Head

The police sergeant was shot in the head after responding to reports of the murder and has been admitted to hospital in critical condition.

The security guard, Asfidel Harrison, 39, was operating a taxi along King Street, downtown Kingston about 11:06 pm when a man posing as a passenger pulled a firearm and attempted to rob him.

Harrison allegedly pulled his licensed firearm and shot his attacker who returned gunfire hitting him. A bystander was also shot and injured.

The security guard drove himself to the hospital where he succumbed to his injuries while undergoing treatment, according to reports by the Corporate Communications Unit (CCU).

The cronies of the gunman, who were travelling behind Harrison’s vehicle in a black BMW motorcar attempted to pick up the injured gunman in a bid to aid his escape. However, police were quick on the scene and thwarted that attempt.

The vehicle fled the area however; officers from the Hunts Bay Police Station intercepted the vehicle on Tower Avenue in Kingston 11, where a shoot out ensued and the police sergeant was shot.

One occupant of the BMW motorcar was taken into custody for question concerning the shootings. The other occupant abandoned the vehicle and escaped.

The gunman and the bystander who were shot during the earlier melee were taken to hospital where they were admitted in stable condition.

CCU reported that a pistol along with a magazine containing eight 9mm rounds was also found on the scene.

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