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Graphic Photos: Two Gunmen Killed, Three Illegal Guns Seized in St Andrew

Jamaica Crime News, St Andrew: Two Gunmen Killed in St Andrew Two gunmen who were among a group of armed men who challenged members of the security forces in a shootout, in St Andrew, on Monday morning, July 1, were shot and killed and three illegal firearms seized.

The police say they have still not gotten the identities of the dead men.

Reports are that about 6:30 a.m. on Monday, the joint military team received a report that armed men were robbing a number of persons, at a section of the area known as Hall Delite Hill.

The lawmen rushed to the area and intercepted a stolen motor car, with several men traveling on board. On seeing the lawmen approaching, the men engaged them in a shootout and ran into nearby bushes.

The fire was returned and sometime later, a search was carried out of the area which led to two of the men found suffering from gunshot wounds.

A further search of the area, led to the discovery of three 9mm pistols. The wounded gunmen were rushed to hospital, where they were pronounced dead.

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