Two Gunmen Fatally Shot Inside Chinese Cemetery, in Kingston

Latest Jamaica News, Kingston (McKoy’s News): Two Gunmen Fatally ShotTwo unidentified gunmen who challenged the police in a shootout, inside the Chinese Cemetery in St Andrew, were fatally shot by the police and two illegal firearms taken from them, on Wednesday, November 13.

Reports by the police are that on Wednesday morning, a team of officers were on patrol along Waltham Park Road, when they saw a group of men armed with handguns and rifles.

The police challenged the men and a heated gun battle took place, which resulted in the gunmen taking cover inside the Chinese Cemetery.

During the shooting, two of the gunmen were fatally shot, while a third man managed to escape.

A search of the area resulted in the seizure of a 9mm pistol and a Mac-11 submachine gun, which were taken from the dead men.

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