Two District Constables Charged for Possession of Ganja at Horizon Park Remand Center

On Saturday, July 24, two District Constables were arrested and charged, following the seizure of a large quantity of ganja at the Horizon Park Remand Center, by officers from the Narcotics Division and the Counter-Terrorism and Organized Crime Investigations Branch (C-TOC).

Charged with Illegal Possession of Ganja are Laphiama Rowe, 29, of Langston Road, Vineyard Town, Kingston 3, and Keava Henry, 44, of Wavell Avenue, Kingston 11.

According to the Narcotics Police, during the operation, which began about 9:00 a.m., Rowe and Henry were accosted and during a search, they were found with 2.3 pounds of marijuana on their person. The police also seized a number of other illicit items, including three cellular phones and two cellular phone chargers.

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