Two Cousins Perish in Saint James Motorcycle Accident

Jamaica News, St James: Saint James Motorcycle Accident – Two cousins lost their lives in a motorcycle accident which occurred along a section of the Lilliput main road, in St James, on Saturday night, June 6.

They have been identified as 17-year-old Ronaldo Blake, otherwise called “Prezzie” student who attends Spot Valley High school, and his elder cousin, 24-year-old Damion Buchanan, otherwise called “Cha-cha” music selector, both of Bobman Hill, in Lilliput.

Reports are that shortly after 10:30 p.m. on Saturday, both males were traveling on a motorcycle in their community, with Buchanan as the rider, and Blake as the pillion.

They were in the process of riding unto the Lilliput main road, when they rode across the path of a minibus, being driven by a bus driver who was heading from Falmouth, towards Montego Bay.

Both vehicles collided, resulted in the cousins and the driver of the bus suffering serious injuries.

They were rushed to the Falmouth hospital where both young men were pronounced dead, and the driver treated and admitted.

Following the accident, JLP Councillor for the area, Anthony Murray made an appeal to the Transport Ministry and the National Works Agency, to mount visible signs along the Littleput main road, so motorists can approach the built-up community with caution.

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