Two Alleged Persons of Interest Shot by Police in Kingston     

Jamaica News, March 19, 2018 –  Two Alleged Persons of Interest Shot                                             

Kingston, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – Two men who the Kingston Western police say are persons of Interest were both shot and killed by members of a police patrol in separate incidents, which occurred an hour apart in Kingston on Saturday morning.

The police have not yet released the names of the men who they say are both persons of interest towards a number of murders, shootings and other crimes being committed across Kingston.

A  .380 revolver loaded with three. 380 rounds was taken from one of the alleged gunmen.

Two Alleged Persons of Interest Shot: Reports are that shortly after 6:30 a.m. on Saturday, March 17, a team of officers were carrying out patrol in the Sunlight Street area of Trench Town, when they saw one of the men who is said to be a person of Interest.  It is further reported that upon seeing the lawmen approaching, the deceased confronted them during what time he was shot.    The illegal firearm along with the three live rounds was taken from him.

About an hour later, the police reported that they were carrying out patrol in the Downtown Kingston areas when they saw a group of men in the vicinity of the Market.  The men were accosted and they opened fire on the police. The fire was returned and after the men ran, another man who is also labeled as a Person of Interest was discovered suffering from gunshot wounds.

The two alleged gunmen were both transported to the Kingston Public Hospital where they were both pronounced dead.

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