As part of the JCF’s ongoing anti-gang and murder reduction strategies, 24 persons were arrested and three firearms seized during police/military operations in several communities within St. Catherine on Tuesday, June 25.

The operations, which are aimed at suppressing and dismantling criminal organizations (gangs) and apprehending its members, began approximately 3:00 a.m. and impacted several communities to include St. Jago Heights, Jones Avenue, Rivoli, Laureston, March Pen Road, Buck Town, Top Banks, St. Johns Road and Homestead in the parish.

During the operations an AK47 rifle and 10 rounds of ammunition were seized on Jones Avenue in Spanish Town, St. Catherine about 8:30 a.m. one man was taken into custody.

About 9:55 a.m., a Hi-Point pistol was seized, along with seven rounds of ammunition, in a heavily vegetated area of the Spanish Town Bypass. No arrest was made at this location.

Operations continued in the New Nursery area, where a Smith and Wesson firearm and 14 rounds of ammunition were seized. One man was arrested in relation to this seizure.

The public is being reminded that they can play their part in creating safer communities by reporting illegal firearms, gangs and suspicious activities by calling Crime Stop at 311. A reward is offered for information that leads to the seizure of illegal weapons as these operations will be ongoing.


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