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Twenty-Eight Murders in 6 Months in St. Lucia


Castries, St. Lucia (Mckoy’s News) – Twenty-Eight Murders in 6 Months in St. Lucia:  Castries South MP Dr. Ernest Hiliare has called on government to pay serious attention to the country’s crime situation.

With just about half the year gone, there has been 28 recorded homicides in Saint Lucia. 2016 saw a total of 31 murders.

Dr. Hiliare criticised the government for what he said is their lack of plans and programmes to address crime and for failing to make good on a promise to create a safer St. Lucia.

“28 murders in half the year…. Have the prime minister made St. Lucia safer? Has honourable Hermangild Francis made St. Lucia safer? Do you hear of any plans, any policies, any programmes to make St. Lucia safer? It has gotten worse, a lot worse than when the Labour Party was in power and you’re hearing no policies, no programmes. All you’re hearing about is they gonna buy more vehicles for the police,” Dr. Hiliare said.

“The last government was criticised for its management of the country. People were asked to vote them out and that was done on a promise that they would get it right and they would do it better and …solve those problems,” he stated.

Dr. Hiliare accused the government of staying silent on very pertinent issues such as rape, violence and the circulation of undignified videos of women. He believes that these matters should be spoken about in parliament.

Dr. Hiliare noted that as the opposition, the St. Lucia Labour Party has the right to hold the current administration accountable for the promises they made during their election campaign.

“It has not become any safer….It’s not yet half the year and 28 homicides. The rapes have not stopped..,” he said.

Ike Ephraim is St. Lucia’s latest murder victim. Ephraim’s shirtless and bloodied body – with marks of violence all over – was discovered by a passerby in a drain in Caye Mange, Gros Islet on Wednesday, June 21.

Police said the post mortem results indicate that Ephraim died as a result of “subarachnoid hemorrhage secondary to base skull fracture as a result of blunt force trauma”, which means the deceased suffered a fractured skull and severe bleeding in the brain.

Contributed by Dr Colin O Jarrett

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