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Dear Mckoy- Trying To Leave My Obeah Man Boyfriend


Dear Mckoy: Trying To Leave My Obeah Man Boyfriend–  My boyfriend and I have been together for awhile now.  It wasn’t until late in the relationship I found out that he is a Obeah man.
Since then I have been trying to break off with him but I keep going back.

I’m seriously worried and need to find a way to leave him, but I am scared that he will hurt me if I do.
I have also been trying to keep away from him and create a argument hoping he would say it’s over, but instead he just laughs at me and tell me I’m miserable. And I can’t leave him.
not sure what to do.

I need help.

Unknown.  CLARENDON.

Dear Unknown: There isn’t much I can say. But if your with this person and you feel threatened if you should leave.  Then I suggest you try talking with him and tell him your no longer comfortable with the relationship and wants to end it and move on with your life. Hopefully he will understand and let you go.

Good Luck.

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