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Life & Death in the Tongue: Who Killed Crissy Trudy First Lady Malcolm?

December 21, 2017 – Mckoy’s News (Jamaican News) 

Montego Bay, Jamaica – Trudy First Lady Malcolm: social media is still buzzing around the circumstances surrounding the vicious murder of the popular Canterbury, St James social media video “blogger.”

After 27-year-old Christina Samuels (of 12½ Upper Kings Street, in Canterbury) who is known on social media as Trudy First Lady Malcolm and also called Crissy, was found dead with several bullet wounds in her head last week Wednesday morning – social media went into a frenzy (the undercurrent is that she might have prophesied her death, by calling it into existence).

Samuels rose to fame on social media for her outspoken video rants, which began with a viral video of her cursing out some people. Her unapologetic energy was well received by her growing fans. However, her freedom of speech styled videos have left many with questions after she was murdered.

Police state that a barrage of gunshots were reported by residents in the quite upscale Mango Walk community of Monego Bay, at about 9:30 pm on Tuesday of last week. The next morning, Wednesday, December 13, at about 8:30, a body was found on a back road in the community, and the police were again summoned.

Upon arrival of the lawmen, the female was discovered lying in a pool of blood with multiple gunshot wounds to her head and her upper body.

Did Christina Samuels video invitation rant “call those things that aren’t as if they are,” as some people are saying?

A now viral video shows Samuels bellowing words that suggested she was protected by members of Jamaica’s security force, along with her indicating that the only option was to shoot her in her head and kill her. The video tirade shows Samuels fearlessly, and without filter, belching “You affi shot mi inna mi [expletives, expletives] head and kill mi!” 

We are told that this same video was posted hours before her death, in which she begins by stating Right now mi hear some people a call up mi name and mi tired a it.” Then she went on to send the message that she will beat persons in front of the police.

It is reported that she received four gunshots to her head.

Christina Samuels who hails from the inner-city community was said to have attended a function in the upscale community before her demise.

Police have reported three persons shot to death this year of 12½ Upper Kings Street, Montego Bay, including alleged gangster boss “King Evil.”

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