Truck Driver Murdered at Riverton Landfill, Female Shot and Injured

Jamaica Crime News, Kingston: The Hunts Bay Police say they have now revisited the scene at the Riverton City, Landfill in Kingston 11, where a truck driver was shot to death and his female companion shot and injured, on Saturday afternoon,  September 15.

The deceased has been identified as Anthony Francis,  32-year-old truck driver of River City.

Reports by the police are that about 5:30 p.m., Francis and the female were at the Landfill when they were ambushed by unknown assailants,  who shot the truck driver multiple times and the female to the regions of her leg.

The police were summoned and upon their arrival,  both victims were seen suffering from gunshot wounds,  they were transported to hospital, where Francis was pronounced dead and the female admitted.

The investigators say they are presently questioning several men at the landfill.