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Trey Songz tested positive for COVID-19


Singer Trey Songz says he’s tested positive for COVID-19 and is urging his fans to not be cavalier about the novel coronavirus.

 “Here with a very important message to let you know I tested positive for COVID-19,” he said in an Instagram video. “I’ve taken many tests as I’ve been out protesting, food drives, of course I have a very young son at home, so I get tested periodically and this time it unfortunately came back positive.”

Songz said he’s taking the positive result very seriously, noting that more than 7.5 million Americans have been infected so far, with more than 210,000 dead and that one out of 1,000 black people have died from it to date.

“I will be taking this seriously. I will be self-quarantining. I will be in my house until I see a negative sign,” he said.

The singer/rapper, who is planning to drop his Back Home album on Friday (Oct. 9), also mentioned that his grandfather died earlier this year from what he believes was COVID-19.

“I’ve always taken it serious, and if you come into contact with COVID, please do the same,” he added, with a caption that encouraged fans to wear masks and wash their hands frequently, with the assurance “down but not out.”

The video ends with a pointed shot at President Donald Trump, who tested positive for the virus last week and was helicoptered to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center over the weekend to receive emergency treatment.

The result came after Trump has spent months playing down the seriousness of the pandemic, mostly refusing to wear masks in public, eschewing social distancing at his large public gatherings and repeatedly mocking his White House rival Democrat Joe Biden for scrupulously wearing a mask and avoiding packed campaign rallies in order to ensure the safety of fellow Americans.

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