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Trench Town Hero: Tremayne Brown Impresses the JDF

Kingston, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) Trench Town Hero – Tremayne Brown Impresses the JDF: The reigning Trench Town Hero, Tremayne Brown, has moved from a life of ‘rags’ to ‘riches’, so to speak, as his heroic deed in saving 12-yr-old Renaldo Reynolds from drowning, has landed him many gifts and job offers from persons affiliated with several companies. This show of appreciation was done because of Brown’s brave and selfless act in saving another bright future’s life last week Friday.

Right now he has moved from working as a labourer to deciding which job offer to accept. Catherine Goodall, Manager, Beverage Marketing at LASCO Manufacturing Ltd said, when Brown recovers from his injuries, he will be eligible for a post in the promotions department. While the manager at Lasco does not suspect her job offer will be permanent she believes it could be something in the interim as it will suit his “charismatic personality.”

Apart from being offered a job by LASCO, he was also given groceries and a Samsung Galaxy J2 cellular phone from FLOW.

Major Basil Jarrett, civil-military cooperation and media affairs officer at the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF), said Brown’s courage was beyond question. “As an organization that values courage in its members, I was personally very impressed by Mr Brown’s disregard for his own life as he attempted to save that young man. It is the type of selfless heroism that impresses us here at the JDF,” said Jarrett, noting that there may be a place at the institution for him if his criminal background overseas checks out.

“We need a lot more young men like that. That youngster (Reynolds) probably had no chance if he didn’t do that. That story really hit a spot. It showed that there are still heroes in the world among us,” said Jardim, Chief executive officer, Rainforest Seafoods. Jardim also revealed that he has asked his human resource officer to look for an available position for Brown.

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