Trelawny Woman Attempted Nailing Dog to Tree for Stealing her Bread

Trelawny Woman Attempted Nailing Dog to Tree


” Mi plan fi him dis time man…mi tired a di dog a cum a mi yaad fi tief mi food suh mi a set a trap fi it!!!”


The McKoy’s News had the opportunity of reading an appalling story of a Trelawny woman who reported that she attempted nailing a dog to a tree so her food can be safe in her kitchen.

Margaret, a 48-year-old woman who resides in a prominent community in Trelawny, informed our news team that dogs are her worst enemies and she would prefer sleep in Falmouth Square if dogs were taxi drivers, because she would never pay for their transportation services. Margaret has been living by herself after her husband died in 2015. Margaret’s husband, Paul, never liked animals and so too did Margaret; hence she developed that feeling of hatred for every animal.

Margaret explained three terrible experiences she had with a dog she named Snatcher. Snatcher, a dog who was always at Margaret’s house, was a force to reckon with, according to Margaret, especially when he was famished and needed food to eat.

Margaret wrote to our news team that in 2016, one rainy evening, she was cooking in the outside kitchen, on a wood fire she made. She was famished and exhausted, after cleaning the house and the yard that Sunday Evening, and wanted some food to eat, then rest. She was preparing fried chicken with rice and peas, but she was really tired, so she placed the chicken legs (chicken drumsticks) in the frying pan and went to sit on the veranda, which was like three seconds away. She heard a crashing sound, coming from the kitchen, and ran speedily to glance at what was happening. To her surprise, it was the greedy ‘Snatcher’ lifting out all three chicken legs out of the frying pan. Margaret said she drew for a stone to hit the dog and the dog went and turned over the pot with the rice and peas, having everything lying on the ground, then urinated in the kitchen. She started cursing the dog,

“But watch yah…nasty dog…a wah dis man….gweh out a mi yaad!! Yuh si yuh likkle bratt, cum back yah suh ah si. A gwaan fine sum poisen fi yuh, yuh si…Cum back yah suh an si!!! Likkle, nasty, ugly, mongrel, mangy bratt,  ah go guh a St. Thomas fi yuh!!!!”

She went on cursing and cursing, and Snatcher was there steering at her in the distance, barking and enjoying his stolen rice and peas and half-fried chicken leg, not just one piece but four pieces. She was dying from hunger and all she could have done at the time, was drinking water to calm the appetite. From that day onwards, Margaret started watching her house and her yard because she was so infuriated to harm the poor little dog.

In 2017, Margaret said that she made a decision to fence around the outside kitchen with boards in order to deny entry to the dog. When she was questioned about her inside kitchen, she said that the food tasted better on the wood fire than on the stove. One Saturday evening she was preparing roast breadfruit with Ackee and Saltfish, and she was on the point of finishing.

She decided to take a shower and change her breadfruit smoke-smell clothes. She thought to herself that she must remove the pot, with the Ackee and Saltfish, and bring them to the inside kitchen, but she never did. She thought it was safe outside, knowing that the board fence had a door that could have been closed with a lock, so the dog could not have gone on the inside. However, she thought wrong.

Inquisitive Snatcher was hiding behind the board fence and smelled the savory aroma of the Ackee and Saltfish that was being prepared. There was a ladder that the carpenters used to reach the top of the fence, and they did not move it. Snatcher the swift dog, ‘allegedly ascended’ the ladder and jumped over on the table that was inside the kitchen. The dog indeed had a feast.

Margaret showered quickly because she was famished and needed some food to eat then take her hypertension tablets; because of the stress the dog placed on her. She quickly got dressed and head outside to share her dinner from the pot in the kitchen. When she opened the door, she was surprised and she fell to the ground on her knees and looked to the sky with tears running from her eyes. She immediately felt sick.

“Why Mi? A Wah mi do?

Carry back mi food cum now!

Everyday dis dog cum a mi yaad him tief mi shoes, slippaz, food and mi cah get dem back……a wah mi do in a lyphe?

A wah dis…Jeezas ave mercy…mi presha a rise…di dog cum yah fi kill mi off.”

Margaret wrote to our News Team stating that she was so upset knowing that her food she was preparing to eat was all lying on the ground in the kitchen and she was so irritated, to the extent where she would have nailed the dog to a cross.

She wrote to Mckoy’s News explaining that when she looked in the kitchen, the pots, utensils, even the table and the sitting chairs were in disarray. The breadfruit was removed from the hood fire and was being kicked by the dog and the Ackee and Saltfish was consumed entirely. Margaret said that she was consumed with hatred for that dog and she would have had it killed.

Sunday morning of February 04, 2018, Margaret said she was searching for the clothes, that she washed the evening before, to go to church and it was nowhere to be found. She remembered that she placed them on the line, but when she went outside in search of the clothes, she only saw an empty line. She decided to conduct a thorough search to locate the dress. When she made her way to the rear of the kitchen she saw the dog lying on a brown cloth fast asleep. She hurriedly went around for the rake and the shovel to hit Snatcher. When she made her way around to where the dog was lying, to her surprise, the dog was not there. When she looked closely on the ground, her milk-white dress turned the brown carpet the dog was lying on.

The dress was repainted in brown by the dirt on the ground. She turned around with violence in her eyes and when she looked, to her surprise, the dog was eating her bread that she bought to have for breakfast, and it was taken from inside the house, by the dog.

“Giv mi di bread enuh, mi a warn yuh…Move from yah suh, it look like dem set yuh pon mi enuh….ole chabas”

Margaret said that the only thing the dog did was to bark at her and stared directly in her eyes. Every time she said Get Away, the dog barked Ruff! Margaret did not attend church that Sunday and she suffered severe migraine problems and dizziness, because once again, her hypertension level rose.

Margaret sat up that Sunday evening just to catch the dog. She insisted that she would sacrifice the dog so she tiptoed on the outside. Snatcher was deep in sleep, after feeling exhausted from the Tom and Jerry game with Margaret the entire day. Margaret leaped on the dog, with the nails and hammer she had in her hand to grab the dog and nail it to the plum tree in her yard. The dog jumped and grabbed Margaret’s skirt and ripped it off her body, leaving her private parts exposed.

The dog ran speedily down the road, leaving Margaret half naked in the night at about 8:30 pm. Margaret said from that day until now, she has not seen the dog, but she will be making a cross to crucify the dog if it ever comes back around her.


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NB: Names were changed to protect the characters’ identity.

By: Ackeem Smith

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