Trelawny, the Only Murder Free Parish in Western Jamaica

Latest Jamaica News, Trelawny (McKoy’s News): Residents living within the parish of Trelawny continue to commend the Trelawny police for a job well done in maintaining strong security presence all around the parish, which is now the only western parish which has not recorded a murder.

The parish of Trelawny ended the year 2019 with an overall murder figure of just 29 killings, which is almost the exact figure recorded in 2018, and this goes to show that the parish continues to lead as one of the fourteen parishes of Jamaica with the least amounts of murders.

Other Western parishes such as Hanover, St James and Westmoreland were placed under a state of public emergency throughout the year, yet they all recorded more murders than Trelawny, which has never gotten a SOE.

St James which recorded the first murder in western Jamaica in 2020, has so far recorded two murders in total.

The parish of Hanover has also recorded two murders, and one case of serious shooting which took place in the farm community of Old Pen.

The parish of Westmoreland, which saw a large reduction in murders in 2019, has started the year 2020 on a negative trend, with four murders already being recorded since the start of the year.

Although eight murders have already been recorded in total across three of the four western parishes, this is still a perfect figure comparing to the same period in 2019, where double that amount of persons were already murdered.

There has also been a very low record of serious crimes committed across Trelawny since the start of the year, and only two recorded cases of shootings.

Since the start of the year, the parish of Trelawny recorded one case of suicide, while the parish of Hanover is so far the only parish to record two cases of suicide.

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