Trelawny Residents Protest Over Hazardous Sand Mining

Trelawny, Jamaica(McKoy’s News) – Trelawny Residents Protest: Scores of angry residents from the adjoining communities of Silver Sand and Duncans Bay in Trelawny took to the streets of the community on Wednesday morning, July 13th and staged a major demonstration.

The Trelawny residents protest over what they claim to be hazardous sand mining in the area which has now become a life threatening situation for them.

Our news team caught up with Delroy Boswell, President of the Duncans  Bay Citizens Association who pointed out the major threats and defects of the Sand Mining Operations.

He pointed out that recently Prime Minister, Andrew Holiness signed a permit which allows a Development Company to mine sand from the Duncans Bay Beachfront. Not only did the developers mine sand but they also set up a processing plant in the community. This plant is now proving to be a very dangerous threat to their health.

Mr. Boswell stated that there has been unbearable noise from the machines and an uncontrollably dust nuisance from the sand. They said the water from the plant and the heavy units are destroying their roadway.

The beach property has been severely damaged and the beach eroded. He pointed out that the stretch of beach is packed with a wet forest that house sea fowls and a large area which acts as a breeding ground for sea turtles.

Duncans Bay, he said has a mixture of residing and returning residents and the move by the Prime Minister to approve a Sand Mining operation in the community has devalued their properties.

The incident free protest was monitored by the people of Trelawny and joined by the Peoples National Party Member of Parliament Victor Wright, who they say has been supporting their cause effectively.



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