Trelawny Police Ready for Curfew

Jamaica News: The commanding officer of the Trelawny Police, Superintendent Kirk Ricketts, has declared that cops in his division are ready to enforce the seven-day islandwide curfew, which starts later today.
The curfew measure will run from 8:00 p.m to 6:00 a.m.
“We are into educating the people by driving through the districts using the loud hailer attached to our vehicles to inform what the law requires. Moral persuasion will be the first approach. If that fails then prosecution is the next step,” Ricketts explained.
Ricketts notes that the parish’s policing capacity was recently strengthened with additional manpower.
“A number of recent graduates have been assigned to the parish. Some of them are placed on beat duty and are encouraging people to follow the social distancing protocol at financial institutions and supermarkets,” said Ricketts.
Within recent days, Ricketts has been spearheading efforts to ensure that police stations across the parish are being sanitised and that police personnel observe proper hygiene practices.
News Reporter: Marc Lodge

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