Police Charged A Man For Harbour View Murder


A Trelawny farmer who recently pleaded guilty to three counts of illegal possession of a firearm and five counts of illegal possession of ammunition in the Western Regional Gun Court was sentenced to 39-years hard labour when he appeared in the Home Circuit Court in Kingston on Friday, March 1.

He has been identified as 36-year-old Karon Williams, a farmer of Samuel Prospect district also in Trelawny.

Upon his appearance in court on Friday, Williams was sentenced to 7-years hard labour for possession of a 9mm pistol, 12 -years hard labour for possession of an M-16 assault rifle and 13-years hard labour for possession of an A-K 47 rifle.

He was also given an additional 7-years hard labour for possession of ammunition.

Williams sentencing will run concurrently so he will only serve a maximum time of 13-years hard labour in prison.

On Friday the accused man lawyer, Attorney at law, Samuel Smith, pleaded on his behalf and asked the presiding judge to take in consideration that, Williams pleaded guilty to all four counts on his previous appearances.

Reports by the Trelawny police are that about 11:30 a.m., on Tuesday, January 15th,   a team of officers were carrying out an operation along a section of Kerry Park main road, when they intercepted a motor car with Williams and another man travelling on board.

A search of the vehicle and of the persons, of both men, the lawmen seizure one Beretta 9-mm semi-automatic pistol, fitted with a magazine containing seven live rounds.

Both men were then taken to their homes in Samuel Prospect district,  where two assault rifles, an AK-47 assault rifle and an M-16 rifle along with (52) 5.6 rounds, were seized at Williams home.

Both men were then transported to the Trelawny lockup, but after being questioned, Williams was charged and the other man released.

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