Trelawny Man and Teenage Girl Arrested in Connection with Firearm Seizure

Latest Jamaica News, Trelawny (McKoy’s News): Trelawny Man and Teenage Girl Arrested A Trelawny man and a teenage girl were taken into custody, in connection with the seizure of an illegal firearm, which was found inside a house in Deeside district, during an operation carried out by the police on Saturday, September 14.

The identities of both accused have been withheld pending further investigations.

Reports by the Falmouth police are that about 5:50 a.m., a team of officers carried out an operation at a family house in Deeside, Trelawny.

During a search of a room occupied by the accused man, the lawmen found a Walter PPK .380 pistol. The teenage girl who was also inside the room with the accused, was taken into custody.

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