Human Trafficking

Trelawny Carpenter Arrested and Charged with Human Trafficking

A Trelawny man has been arrested and charged with human trafficking, stemming from an incident in the community of Wakefield in the parish, between Tuesday, March 2022 and February of this year.

The accused man 37-year-old Shamarie Spence , a Carpenter also of Wakefield community has been charged with Human Trafficking, False Imprisonment, Possession of Prohibited Weapon, Assault at Common Law, Assault Occasioning Bodily Harm and Benefiting from Human Trafficking.

Reports are that Spencer met a woman and offered her a place to stay at his home in Wakefield.

While at the premises, Spencer allegedly held her at gunpoint, followed by which he beat her, and threatened her.

He also allegedly locked her inside the house, and brought over a number of men on occasion who would pay him to have sex with her against her will.

The matter was reported to the police and a target operation was carried out in the community last week, leading up to his arrest and subsequently charged.

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