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KPH Spends Close to Half a Million Dollars Treating Gunshot Victims

Kingston, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – KPH Spends Close to Half a Million Dollars Treating Gunshot Victims: The Kingston Public Hospital is spending an estimated $400-thousand dollars a day to treat victims of gunshot wounds.

The revelation came yesterday from an anaesthetist at KPH, Dr. Ann Jackson Gibson as she made a presentation to a special select committee of Parliament examining the Law Reform Zones of Special Operations legislation.

She said a sum of almost $80 million dollars has been spent to treat victims of gun violence since the start of the year.

And Chairman of the Board at Violence Prevention Alliance, Dr. Elizabeth Ward who appeared at the same sitting of the special parliamentary committee, said in 2014 it cost taxpayers almost $4-billion dollars to provide direct medical care to victims of violence at 22 hospitals across Jamaica.

Dr. Ward said that when effective community interventions were being funded in the past, non-governmental organisations were able to reduce by 50 percent the number of gunshot wounds seen at the KPH.

The Zones of Special Operations bill sets out social-intervention measures to rebuild crime-plagued communities.

Contributed by Dr. Colin O Jarrett

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