Transport Minister Appeals for More Care on the Roads

Jamaica News: Minister of Transport and Mining, Hon. Robert Montague, is appealing to all road users to exercise extra care on the roads.

In a televised message to the public for Road Safety Awareness Month, which is observed during June, the Minister said that a new outlook is needed to fuel a change in behaviour.

“We urge you to join the road safety train now. Let us chart a new course as we seek to ensure that as a nation we are able to achieve the milestone of having less than 300 road fatalities this year,” he said, referencing the target set by the National Road Safety Council.

He said it is important for all Jamaicans to take responsibility for their part in safety on the country’s road network.

“The high fatality numbers are unacceptable, and I want every Jamaican to begin to understand the road-safety message,” he said.

He pointed out that driving demands the full attention of the driver and that choice comes with responsibility.

“Driving requires complete focus… and we should not be using cellphones. Your destiny is not left up to chance, but is a matter of the choices you make,” the Minister emphasised.

He implored drivers and passengers to always use their seat belts and motorcyclists to ensure that helmets, headlights and mirrors are properly used. He also had some advice for pedestrians.

“We remind pedestrians to always cross at the designated points, walk in a single file, walk facing traffic, wear only light or bright clothing at nights, do not play in the road, and do not walk and text,” he said.

He used the acronym CASH to highlight the correct way to operate in the traffic environment.

“C means CHOICES, ‘A’ means AVOID driving under the influence of ALCOHOL, ‘S’ means SLOW DOWN and always wear your SEAT BELTS, and ‘H’ means HELMET; always wear it,” Mr. Montague said.

The Minister also expressed his gratitude to those who choose to be a part of the solution.


Source: JIS News

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