Transport Authority Urging Commuters To Take Legal Taxis

Transport Authority Urging Commuters To Take Legal Taxis Amid Sexual Assault Allegations

Jamaica (McKoy’s News)-Transport Authority Urging Commuters To Take Legal Taxis: Reports of abuse of young women while traveling in illegally operated public transportation has now reached the Transport Authority and this entity is extremely disturbed at these reports.


The Transport Authority has been urging and encouraging commuters to take legal public transportation, but some commuters have still not heeded the warning. The Authority is reiterating the call to check for red plates, TA stickers on the windscreen of taxis before going into them and to look for drivers who are wearing their white PPV badges or where their IDs are displayed in their taxis.


The Authority has also advised commuters to use their cell phones to capture the particulars of the vehicle they are traveling in and send to someone before embarking.


Meanwhile, the Authority is asking all illegal operators of public passenger vehicles to legalize their operations as quickly as possible as there will be a zero-tolerance approach to operators who continue to operate against the law.


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