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Traffic Pile Up Taking A Bite Out Of Productivity

Jamaica (McKoy’s News)- Traffic Pile Up Taking A Bite Out Of Productivity: The daily traffic gridlock in the Corporate Area due to the deteriorating road network, following weeks of persistent rains, is being raised as a matter of concern becuase productivity is being affected by this impediment.


Several roads now have extreme potholes, which can be considered as craters, and these are impeding the flow of traffic and therefore create delays for motorists in reaching their respective destinations.


Dennis Chung, Chief Executive Officer of the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica, stated that the situation is unacceptable as he noted that studies have shown that one of the greatest impacts on productivity in Latin America and the Caribbean is traffic congestion.


In the meantime, another attempt will be made today to repair sections of the Mandela Highway which have been damaged following heavy rains. Traffic chaos has become the everyday routine as motorists navigate the affected sections of the major thoroughfare.


National Works Agency’s repair works along the highway have been hampered by the inclement weather.

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