Traffic Congestion in Montego Bay

Jamaica News, Montego Bay: Managing Director of the National Road Operating & Constructing Company Limited (NROCC), Mr. Ivan Anderson, engaged members of the Montego Bay Chamber of Commerce and Industry, on June 20, 2018, in a meaningful conversation in regards to the ever occurring Traffic Congestion in Montego Bay.

Traffic congestion, which is defined as a condition on transport networks that occurs as use increases, and is characterized by slower speeds, longer trip times, and increased vehicular queuing, has been one of the major problems in Montego Bay.

According to Mr. Ivan Anderson, a number of steps were taken to mitigate this problem. He made special mention of the uni-directional traffic that leads in and out of Montego Bay, as one of the negative factors for this ever occurring situation.

In tackling this problem, the Urban Development Corporation (UDC), in the 1990s, widened the Howard Cooke Boulevard into four lanes to allow the free-flow of traffic in and out of Montego Bay. He informed members of the meeting that, investigations were done which proved that the Alice Eldemire Drive, Bogue Road Intersection, has the highest traffic volume outside of Kingston.

After spending several months last year to figure out the best possible option of mitigating the traffic congestion in Montego Bay, he introduced a Bypass, which he deemed as the suitable option for this problem. At the Chamber of Commerce Meeting, he stated that he supports the implementation of a toll road, otherwise called a tollway, which will commence from Anchovy to Ironshore, to allow the free passage of vehicles on the road, and limit the traffic congestion.

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