Tourism Minister Highlights Responsibility Of Recovery Task Force

Jamaica News: The newly established COVID-19 Tourism Recovery Task Force will consist of two layers of partners whose mandate is to, among other things, provide a recovery and growth stimulation framework for the sector, said Tourism Minister, Hon. Edmund Bartlett.

Speaking at a digital media briefing on April 9, he explained that the “first layer is going to be what we call the overall policy and strategy development team, which has about 21 members covering the sectors.”

The second layer is a working team, which is more technical in nature, and will include divisional leaders from the Ministry of Tourism.

Mr. Bartlett said that the team will “do the legwork, the hard nuts and bolts work of not just creating the framework but doing the research that is necessary to bring out the data, analyse and present data for us to make management decisions.”

Minister Bartlett, who will chair the Task Force, said that it will assist in dealing with the various changes that COVID -19 will bring.

“One thing we know for sure is that it’s not going to be business as usual and we are equally convinced that it is going to create some new market opportunities as well as it’s going to create some serious market challenges and we have to be prepared to deal with all of this,” Minister Bartlett said.

He noted that the Task Force will establish a realistic view of the sector’s baseline or starting position; develop scenarios for multiple versions of the future; establish the strategic posture for the sector as well as a broad direction of the journey back to growth; establish actions and strategic imperatives that will be reflected across various scenarios; and establish trigger points to tackle action, which includes a planned vision in a world that is learning to evolve rapidly.

The Minister said that the response to the Task Force has been positive.

“I’m excited by the response that we’ve been getting from everyone, who we’ve asked,” he noted.


Source: JIS News

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