“Top Up” Stabbed to Death by Female in Montego Bay

Latest Jamaica News St James (McKoy’s News): “Top Up” Stabbed to Death A St James man who attacked and stabbed a female bar owner, in downtown Montego Bay last night, was overpowered by the woman and stabbed to death, with his own weapon.

He has been identified as 19-year-old Ishan Roswell, of 2nd avenue in Flankers community, also in St James.

Reports by the police are that, last week Roswell went to the establishment at 11 union street and hit the bar owner’s daughter with a bottle. Last evening, he returned to the bar and another of the bar owner’s daughter confronted him about hitting her sister.

Roswell got boisterous and kicked the young woman to the regions of her neck and an altercation developed between them.

The 38-year-old bar owner seeing that her daughter was being beaten by Roswell, intervened in the defence of her daughter when Roswell pulled a knife and stabbed her to the forehead.

The wounded woman managed to wrestle him to the ground and overpowered him, and use the same knife to stab him to the regions of his chest.

Roswell ran a few meters from the bar and collapsed along a section of North lane.

The police were summoned and upon arrival, Roswell was taken to hospital where he was pronounced dead.

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