( Three The Hard Way)… Top Politician, Medical Doctor and Attorney-At-Law, Found Dead Across Jamaica in Three Days 

( Three The Hard Way)... Top Politician, Medical Doctor and Attorney-At-Law, Found Dead Across Jamaica in Three Days 
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The year 2019, started out on a very bloody note across the island of Jamaica with over 100 murders already been recorded around all 14 parishes.

The country has seen several blatant attacks been carried out on women, children and the public in general by cold-hearted gunmen, and others by domestic flare up.

Over the past three days, crime and tragedy took a hold of the country with reports of three of the country’s most popular figures been discovered dead.

It started out on Saturday morning with news that Member of Parliament for Eastern Portland,  Dr. Lynvale Bloomfield, was discovered murdered.

The body of 59-year-old, Dr. Lynvale Bloomfield, who resides at  Paisley Gardens in Portland, was discovered with multiple stab wounds at his home on Saturday morning, February 2nd, about 10:00 a.m., by his helper.

Several hours later on the same Saturday, about 3:00 p.m., members of a search party discovered the decomposed body of 65-year-old, Attorney at law,  Williams Hinds otherwise called ” Baldie ” in a sinkhole at section of Goodwill area which lied on the border of Trelawny and St James, known as Orange Hill.

Hinds who resides in Violet Avenue in Kingston and Greenside district In Trelawny was reported missing from January 6th.

Then on Monday, February 4th, another gruesome discovery was made, on this occasion,  it was the body of  69-year-old, female Medical Doctor, Judith Rose Spencer.

Spence who resides at Great House Boulevard in Mona, Kingston 6, was fished from a sewage pond which flows behind the Chapel on the compound of the University of the West Indies Mona campus in St. Andrew.

Up to date, the police are still making mention that they do not suspect foul play, even after they are unable to provide the public with adequate information as to how she died, or even as to how the doctor got to be at that location.

One Member of Parliament told MCKOY’S NEWS that these killings are now a clear sign which indicates that these cold-hearted killers will stop at nothing.

” it is clear to see that they have now also focused their attention on senior public servants “, stated the grieving Member of Parliament,  ” three public servants in three days, across Portland,  St James, Trelawny and St Andrew are way out of the box “, he added.

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