Top Mart gives bun and cheese to Infirmary

Clients or residents at the  St James Infirmary were not left out of the traditional bun and cheese giving for Easter.

The management of Top Mart clothing store,  Barnett Street in Montego Bay made sure the residents of the infirmary, at Albion, were not left out when they visited the home on Good Friday.

Matron for the infirmary Jacqueline Wilson was on hand along with staff member Alecia Anderson to accept the items. A delighted matron said, “We are so happy for this gesture, as it is the third consecutive year that Top Mart is doing this for the residents, and we thank them a lot.”

Elva Lin, manager for Top Mart store said, “I will continue to give them bun and cheese every year as long as my business is around in Montego Bay.”


Here Elva Lin, manager of Top Mart is seen making the presentation to Alecia Anderson, staff member at the St James Infirmary, while matron Jacqueline Wilson (right) and Ronald Marshall, of Top Mart store, looks on. The presentation was held on Friday, April 10.


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