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Tony Matterhorn Says This Is Why Alkaline Fell Off In Blistering Instagram Diss

Veteran selector and dancehall artiste Tony Matterhorn has come out guns blazing in one of his latest rants. This time the guns point at Alkaline, and his allegedly stalled dancehall career in Matterhorn’s latest chapter of the “who buss who?” debate.

In an Instagram video last week, he ranted about artistes who do not recognize how essential selectors are to their careers.   He says, “90% of the artistes” do not acknowledge the sound men who were responsible for “sending them to the road.”

Tony also claims that even though he “bussed 90% of the deejays dem”, only KipRich, Agent Sasco, and Busy Signal have acknowledged his contributions to their careers.  He also says he was partially responsible for launching Vybz Kartel’s career along with Fire Links and Cash Money, but none of them have received the proper “acknowledgment” for that feat either.

That’s when his attention turned to the Vendetta Boss.

“Memba wi watch even likle’ Alkablind’. Yuh nuh see weh him deh now? Memba him mek it look like a him buss himself. Yuh can play bl–dcl–t sound?” he said.

Matterhorn went on, “A nuh selecta did buss him enuh. Den a who bl—dcl—t buss him?”

He then suggested that Alkaline’s career has become stagnant and irrelevant because he did not give the selectors the respect they deserved, “dat’s why him go right back inah di bl—dcl—t line.”

“Go back inah di back a di line and revamp yuhself and come back roun likle different. Yuh get ahead a yuh f—ing self because dat’s why yuh flop,” he added.

Matterhorn went on to say that Alkaline had made two major blunders that have now caused his career to stall.

“First ting yuh do a emulate Kartel and act like yuh don’t emulate Kartel”, Matterhorn argued.  Alkaline has always denied claims he copied Vybz Kartel’s image and style to gain recognition and stardom.

Tony added, “Secondly, yuh mek it look like a you buss yuh song dem. First ting yuh a coward, yuh nuh go road so yuh couldn’t buss di song”.

The veteran selector then proceeded to take credit for “bussing” one of Alkaline’s most popular songs, Champion Boy. “Who buss dah song deh to the world? Matterhorn, same Tony Matterhorn weh yuh try dis,” he said.

The two have history from back in 2017 when Tony Matterhorn decided to play a Vybz Kartel song at Alkaline’s birthday bashment, causing the Vendetta Boss to step in.

Fans on social media have snapped back at Matterhorn, saying that he is seeking attention. “Tony stop go back to the past you keep down alkaline higher high he continues to go,” one user said.

“The only person Tony buss is Madusah down a passa passa,” another added.

Matterhorn also stirred some controversy last week in the lead up to Beenie Man & Bounty Killer’s Verzuz clash, which was masterminded by American entertainers Swizz Beatz and Timbaland.  He criticized Beenie and Bounty for their appearance on the clash series while giving no support to Jamaican events like Tony’s Quarantine Party series.  Swizz Beatz came out strongly in defense of his initiative, while Tony refused demands from some of his followers to make an apology.

The Nah Fi Like deejay has yet to respond to Tony Matterhorn’s comments, but he did debut a new single titled, Cree on May 23.



Source: Dancehallmag

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