Tommy Lee Sparta Is A Boss On American Singer Inas X’s New Single ‘Ride For Me’: Watch

Dancehall artiste Tommy Lee Sparta staggers fans as he shows off his musical prowess while collaborating with American singer-songwriter, Inas X on her new single Ride For Me, which also features American rapper Lil Xan.

Inas X is best known for her singles Love Is, which reached No. 12 on the Billboard dance club songs charts, and Stupid featuring rapper PnB Rock. Lil Xan is best known for his 2018 RIAA platinum certified single Betrayed, which is currently sitting on over 72 millions streams on YouTube.

This mega collab fuses the distinctive genres to create a seemingly fitting harmony. The tenor of the track is right up the Spartan’s alley, quite gothic like and chilling, giving off a feel of anticipation for the unfamiliar. The horrific pipe organ sounding, hip-hop track was produced by Blackstate and Fire Hazard Productions and the music video was directed, produced and edited by Spaced Visuals in association with Love X Entertainment.

In the song, Inas X pulsates a hypnotic sound to deliver the Ride For Me lyrics, echoing her bossy rhymes. She’s got too much sauce, she’s a war hog, the chosen one so if you want to ride with her you need cut the games. In the music video, she’s bitten by the red-eyed blood hunter and returns a seductive vampire queen; donning her malevolent looking crown, fangs and finger claw rings.

She is the only one in the music video, her collaborators chime in their vocals in between verses. Lil Xan spits his rhymes in the second phase of the track, emitting an easy flow of consistent rapping. His version of Ride For Me questions his love, she seems to be taken but will she ride with him, will she die for him and will she get high with him? The rapper asks.

Tommy Lee comes in on the third segment with his unique sounding vocals matching the high timbre in tones of Inas X. The deejay adds some surprising hip-hop swag, diligently riding the rhythm of the beat to demonstrate a class of versatility like no other.

Lee’s verses are quite similar to Inas, depicting that of a boss. He says he’s crazy and even though his moll is too wild he likes it. He’s a real nigga with a lot to offer. The deejay goes on to describe his high-end brands, the frosts on his wrist plus so much cash that its like he makes that ish himself (as he says).

This is a terrific musical fusion, while the song is rhythmically appealing and exhibits Tommy Lee Sparta doing his thing on the track it would have been nice to actually see him in the video, nonetheless it’s worth watching. Check out of the music video for Ride For Me below –



Source: Dancehallmag

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