West Kingston: Tivoli Gardens Man Killed near Coronation Market

Jamaica News, March 31, 2018 – Tivoli Gardens Man Killed

Kingston, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News) – The Denham Town Police in West Kingston are now carrying out investigations surrounding the shooting death of a man in the area on Friday night.

The deceased has been identified as Andrew Bennett, 28-year-old, unemployed of Tivoli Courts in Tivoli Gardens, in the Capital City of Kingston.

Reports are that about 10:30 p.m.on Friday, Bennett was at a shop, located at New Chapel Lane in the vicinity of the Coronation Market in West Kingston, when one man posing as a customer entered the establishment.

The man brandished a handgun and opened fire hitting Bennett several times to his upper body before running from the shop.

The police were summoned and upon arrival, the wounded man was transported to the Kingston Public Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

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