Ticketed by Police for Disobeying Malfunctioning Stop Light

Latest Jamaica News, St James: Ticketed by Police for Disobeying Malfunctioning Stop Light On Sunday, August 25, 2019, at 10.05 am, an out of uniform nurse was travelling along the Rosehall main road. On reaching the Sugar Mill Road intersection, she noticed a malfunctioning traffic light with both red and green lights on simultaneously.  She proceeded cautiously through in a similar manner as the vehicles ahead of her.

Traveling behind was a motorcycle police officer who must have seen the lights too, rode up and pulled her over. He highlighted she would lose points off her Driver’s licence and have to pay a high ticket fine.

She told him she is not stupid and showed him her nurse ID as proof that she went to a “good school’. She even  suggested, “Let’s go back and look at the lights because they are malfunctioning.

Disobeying Malfunctioning Stop Light

He refused and gave her a ticket for $4000 for “Disobeying stoplight” and stated that 6 points will also be against her licence. Was this policeman really on a  ticket mission or was it another reason like police abuse? How do I deal with this?

How can you disobey a traffic light that tells you to go and stop at the same time? Ironically this is the same nurse who is an advocate for road safety (DJ Nurse B) as she’s the one who has written, sang and released the song Road Safety…in promotion of safety on our roads which in effect, will benefit many, including the police force… as fewer accidents on our roads equates to less work for the police force…

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