Three-year-old Boy Drowns in the Rio Cobre

With the drowning death of a three-year-old boy, the members of the Kent Village, Bog Walk, is now calling for a perimeter fence to be erected along the Rio Cobre to help prevent another premature death.

Dead is three-year-old Kashan Walker, the son of 27-year-old Natasha Sinclair.

The three-year-old’s body was found in the Rio Cobre sometime after 3 o’clock on Friday.

“From last night, I don’t sleep, and every time I remember him, I am in pure pain all over my body.” Sinclair stated in an interview.

The mother of three was consumed with sadness and shock – her lips refusing to retrace the tragedy.

Many stated that details of Kashan’s demise were superficial; it was revealed that an adult had been entrusted with the children who eventually went to the river a short distance away.

A resident stated that the children were not expected to have travelled to the river and the incident came as a shock because everyone within the village knows how to swim.

The residents are now calling for fencing to be installed in the vicinity of homes along the river.

Meanwhile, Councillor Peter Abrahams of the Bog Walk division expressed sympathy for the family.

The Bog Walk police have launched an investigation into the incident.

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