Three Teenage Boys Confessed to Murder in Hanover

Jamaica Crime News, Hanover: Detectives attached to the Lucea CIB department in the parish of Hanover, say they are now preparing a file to place criminal charges against three teenage boys by the end of this week.

The police further stated that this decision was taken after all three accused gave a written confession about committing the murder.

The investigators further stated that, all three teenage suspects were taken into custody several days ago in connection with the chopping death of a man in Jericho district, Hanover on the weekend.

Investigators have pointed out that the three accused, ages 13, 14  and 18 years old,  will now be charged in connection with the murder of a 20-year-old Sanitation Worker in Jericho district, Hanover.

The deceased who has been missing since Friday, July 20, has been identified as, Jovan Tyrone Christian, of Jericho District and Nickle Avenue in Clarendon and  Sanitation Worker, employed to Sunscape Resort in Montego Bay,  St James.

Reports by the Lucea police are that on Friday morning about 10:00 a.m.,  Christian and the three teenage suspects got involved in a domestic dispute in their community, over a cellphone mother-board.

Christian and the three boys got involved in a physical confrontation but the feud was quelled by several residents in the community and they went their separate ways.

Christian then left his home about 11:00 a.m., to visit a friend residing in the said community, but he was not seen or heard from since.

On Sunday morning, the victim’s uncle who also resides in Jericho district was informed of his disappearance and he immediately launched a search for him.  He went to Christian’s house,  but he was nowhere to be found, so he went to the abandoned teacher’s cottage adjoining the Jericho All Age School and smell a foul odor coming from building.

Further reports are that, the uncle broke off a lock which bolted the grill to the main door of the cottage and discovered Christian’s decomposing body on the inside.  The Lucea police were summoned and upon arrival, it was noted that the victim had multiple chop and stab wounds to his upper body.

Following an investigation, the three teenage boys were taken into custody.  The Lucea police have indicated that, investigations carried out revealed Christian was standing under a mango tree on the school compound when he was attacked and chopped to death by the three boys.

His body was then dragged to the abandoned teacher’s cottage, placed on the inside and the main entrance bolted with a padlock, which was bought at a neighboring shop.

Following an investigation, the three teenage suspects were taken into custody on Monday afternoon, July 23.

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