Three Men Charged for Murder in Westmoreland

The Westmoreland Police have charged three men in connection with the Monday, January 20 murder of 50-year-old shopkeeper, Keith ‘Keithy’ Williams of Ricketts Avenue, Savanna-la-Mar in Westmorland.

Charged with Murder are:

(1) Twenty-nine-year-old Ricardo Griffiths, otherwise called ‘Tashwayne’.
(2) Twenty-one-year Tommy McFarlane of Ricketts Avenue, Savanna-la-mar in Westmoreland.
(3) Ricky Banton, 18, a mechanic of Poppy Street, Georges Plain in Westmoreland.
The three men were arrested and charged on Friday, May 15.

Reports are that about 7:15 p.m., citizens heard explosions coming from William’s business establishment and summoned the Police. A Police team responded and found Williams in his shop in a pool of blood.

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