Three Men Arrested in Connection with Murder of Food and Beverage Pastry Chef in Hanover 

Jamaica Crime News, Hanover: The Lucea and Sandy Bay police in the parish of Hanover made quick success in their investigations, surrounding the death of a  resort Food and Beverage Pastry Chef in Rejoin District, Hanover, on Wednesday morning of June 27th. Three suspects were taken into custody and a stolen bus owned by the deceased was recovered.

Investigators pointed out that on Wednesday afternoon, an operation was carried out along a section of Montpelier Road in Sandy Bay, Hanover, where the abandoned Noah Bus which went missing from the home of the murdered chef was recovered.

Intelligence then led the officers to a house in Johnson Town, Hanover, where the three suspects were taken into custody and are now being questioned.

The three male suspects are now being questioned in connection with the murder of Hopeton Haye,  otherwise called, “Hopeton” 49-year-old Food and beverage pastry chef, who was employed to Tryall resort and Villas located in Hanover.

Suspect Being Sought in Connection with Murder of Hanover Fisherman

Reports by the Lucea police are that, the victim who resided alone at a gated apartment complex in Rejoin District, Hanover, was last seen alive on Sunday afternoon of June 24th by the Caretaker at the complex.

On Monday, Haye was not seen but his apartment was still locked from the inside and on Tuesday night after the caretaker still did not see Haye as she usually does, she got curious.

She noticed that the lights to his apartment were still on and some of his laundries still on a clothesline in the yard.  She also called his cell phone which also went unanswered.

She raised an alarm and was assisted by neighbors who forced open a window and discovered  Hay lying in bed.  The police were summoned and upon arrival, they discovered that the main grill and front door to the victim’s apartment was locked from the inside.

The police further reported that, after gaining entry to the building Haye was discovered lying in his bed on his back while clad only in his pants.  A red necktie which is believed to have been used to strangle the victim was seen bound around his neck.

Also, a white Noah bus which Haye recently bought was missing from the yard.  The scene was processed and the body later transported to the Noel Holmes hospital in Lucea where the victim was pronounced dead.

While at the scene, Anthony Thompson, brother of the deceased, told our news team that Hopeton was a very honest and kind individual who is always giving to people. According to Thompson, the only reason he could think of why anyone would want to harm his brother was to get a hold of his bus which he just bought.

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