Police Sergeant Shot and Injured

Three Gunmen Robbed Police Constable in Clarendon

Antonio Mckoy CEO - Mckoy's News

Clarendon, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) Three Gunmen Robbed Police Constable: Police Constable Wilton Holeaker attached to the Harmon Barracks Training Wing, Kingston was held up and robbed by three men armed with firearms.

Reports are that,  Constable Holeaker exited a PPV motor vehicle at the Examination Depot and whilst on his way home, three men armed with firearms alighted from bushes and demanded his belongings.

The Constable was robbed of his JCF Police I.D, a Firearm booklet, $3,000 JMD cash and his knapsack containing personal items with an estimated value of fifty-seven thousand dollars ($57,000 JMD).  He was then taken into bushes where his shoe laces and t-shirt were used to tie his hands and feet.  The men then threatened to kill him for being a police officer.  They made good their escape in the area.

Constable Holeaker later managed to free himself.

The May Pen C.I.B is investigating.

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