Thousands of ‘penis-fish’ Washed Ashore a California Beach

Thousands of ‘penis-fish’ have washed ashore Drakes Beach, California.

Formally known as fat innkeeper worm, an expert believes a recent storm forced the worms out of their underwater homes and carried them to the beach -leaving them exposed to predators.

This 10-inch marine creature looks like a ‘pink sausage’ and creates U-shaped burrows in mud or sand that it leaves behind for other creatures to move in – hence its name ‘innkeeper’.

The sea of these ‘penis-fish’ was spotted by biologists Ivan Parr on December 6 after a storm hit the area.
According to the nature magazine, these 10in wrigglers are marine worms called fat innkeeper worms, but they are known colloquially as exactly what you’d want to call them: penis fish.

These penile figures typically burrow under the sand, far beneath the feet of beachgoers, but the recent storms brought on some waves that swept away the layers, leaving them exposed.

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