Thefts and Vandalism affecting Flow network

Jamaica News: Flow is now shedding some light on the reason for outages in their network in recent times. The company is stating that damages to their instruct due to criminal elements have caused services to be thwarted in two parishes– St. James and St. Catherine. Over 7,400 customers were affected by the theft of network wires and vandalism.
A statement by Flow’s Country Manager, Stephen Price, expressed that while Flow works to ensure that the service being provided in this crisis is surmount, the criminal elements are making it hard to function at a hundred percent.
“Our teams are making every effort to ensure that both our residential and business customers can maintain some level of productivity during this challenging period. We were therefore extremely disheartened to discover, upon investigation, that the reported outages in these parishes were as a result of deliberate and malicious damage to our network infrastructure. It’s heartless,” Price said.
News Reporter: Marc Lodge

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