The Tale of A Drug Addict

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Jamaica News, St James: Sharon Green (not her real name), former Executive Manager of a popular automotive dealership, is now appealing to females around western Jamaica to abstain from using drugs.

The use of drugs has completely destroyed the life of the 42-year-old woman, who has been torn from riches to Rags.

” I cannot believe that this is happening to me,” she told Mckoy’s News. “I have lost my husband and now I cannot see my own child, my life is completely destroyed “.

The woman who is now a cocaine addict related that she came to Montego Bay over 15 years ago and based on the level of her education, she got the job as an Executive Manager for a popular car dealership.

She then got married, had a beautiful daughter and moved to an upscale community in Montego Bay, that was when she met up with her best friend Simone (not her real name).

” The two of us never leave each other,  we were like peas in a pod. My life completely changed six years ago, when she introduced me to cocaine,” stated the depressed woman.

“At first it was like walking on the stars,  but little did I know that my life was slipping away from me day by day. I was forced to eat off the streets, and night after night, I was left to the mercy of nature while sleeping out in the open.”

She stated that her husband never looked back when he discovered that she was using drugs and he immediately filed for sole custody of their daughter.

The woman stared in open space while relating that the use of drugs has now taken her husband, all her friends, her job and now she is being barred from seeing her only child by the court.

” I want all women to know how deadly the use of drugs is and they must never get carried away by a close friend who is hooked on drugs,” she stated.

McKoy’s News also learnt that some of her family members are now trying desperately to get her in a rehabilitation program, after they picked her up as a homeless person, from the streets earlier this week.

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