The suicide note written by a 15-year old girl – Lessons for all family

The suicide note written by a 15-year old girl – Lessons for all family

“Dear mom,
It’s with a heavy heart that I write you this note, knowing the amount of pain it is going to cause you.

Mom, I want you to know that I love you dearly and will ever love you. If I am given the opportunity to live again I will still choose you as my mom and our family will still be my place of birth.

But unfortunately, I know that there is not going to be any such opportunity.

Mom, I didn’t want to do this, but I was compelled by circumstances beyond my control to take the plunge.

I tried my best to pull through, but my best was not good enough. I battled alone for about thirteen months now until my strength failed me.

You and dad could not decipher what I was going through and maybe I should not blame you for that.

My one and only brother came very close to understanding what I was passing through but it was too much for his young mind to comprehend.

Mom, I know that you and dad loved me and did everything you could to prove that to me but I was not feeling loved.

You provided for me more than I even wanted, took me to places that most of my mates have not even heard of, yet despite all these, my heart was longing for love.
I needed someone who would love me for who I was. I needed someone who could reach the depth of my soul and feel the vacuum there.

The material provisions you spoiled me with could not do that. And I was alone all the while, despite the fact that we laughed together and had gist as a family.
Then came the last straw that broke the camel’s back.

Your brother, Uncle Tony who came to live with us, made me believe that he knew exactly what my soul was longing for – companionship.
He chose to stay with me when you and dad were too busy to notice my loneliness.

He tried to keep me company when I needed someone to talk to but had only gadgets and teddy bears as my company. I was fooled to trust him and he hacked into my foolishness. And he did it perfectly and deeply.

Mom, your brother raped me and used me as a sex toy for three whole years. I expected you or dad to notice but none of you did.

When he left our house last year I was shattered because I have grown to fill the void of your presence with his dirty deeds. I couldn’t complain because I was afraid to lose him, but when he eventually left for Canada the magnitude of the emptiness in me became too heavy for me to carry.
I struggled to forget those experiences but I could not. My grades dropped in school and you and dad quickly arranged for a home lesson teacher.

Mom, that singular act instead of helping me fueled what is about to happen to me a few minutes from now.

The home lesson teacher you brought so much reminded me of Uncle Tony and, on several occasions, I felt like grabbing him and making him fill the gap that Tony’s absence created in me.

Mom, I had to do this because I was lonely. Did you ever imagine what I was doing in my room all the time I stayed there alone? Couldn’t you for once have gone out of your way to just spend some time with me so that we could talk?

There are many things I would have liked to tell you but I don’t want to add to your pain so let those other torments be buried with this undignified body of mine.

Please make sure that my brother David doesn’t get to the point where I am now.

Also, tell your friends and colleagues who have children to find out what is happening with their beloved kids before it gets too late.

Many of the things parents do in the name of showing love are not what we the younger ones need.
I would have gone, long hours before you will get to read this note.

But one cheering thing is that David is still there with you. Transfer the love you had for me to him.

My bank details and the passwords to my phones and laptops are all in the piece of paper I dropped in the drawer of your dressing table.

I miss you and it pains to empty the content of this bottle in my hand into my mouth but I am constrained to do it all the same.
Tell dad and David that I love them. Tell our pastor that I will miss his sermons and long prayers. Tell my friends not to envy me.

Goodbye mom.”

That was the suicide note a 15-year old girl dropped for her mother before taking her life.

You may save someone’s life if you pass this story to all contacts in your phone.

1. Parents, do you find yourself to be “too” busy and tired to be in the present moment with your children? Are you more invested in your job and house duties than spending time with your kids?

Lo2. Let your child know they are loved for who they are, and that you are always there to support them.

3. For the past few weeks, the social media has been awashed with many suicide stories on the pages of the media. Many more may still come.

4. Be a supportive parent and actively listen without judgment and seeking to understand their concerns and challenges. Being a supportive parent means having your child’s best interests at heart but also being present, involved and helpful.

5. Treat your child fairly and develop a trusting relationship.

6. Always acknowledge your child’s achievements and supporting them through mistakes and challenges.

7. Parents, let’s ALWAYS be there for our children in the way that we would have wanted our parents to be there for us.



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      1. Real talk, if I ever hear about somebody in my family being touched the wrong way I’m catching a body even if it ain’t in my family , but somebody close to me , im catching a body, nobody should have to go through that especially a young girl or a boy

        1. It’s said I’m hurt just from reading this.I worked at BI which is a monitoring company as a correctional Specialist and from reading back rounds it’s was always trusted authorities and close family/ friends Naw Mr.Jemal we not catching no body’s!How to get away with murder first 48 Dexter I’m definitely down

        2. Well here in Blytheville Arkansas, we have a State Rep. who now is running for a Congress, have been raping young boys as young as 4yrs old for years. His name is Monte Hodges. His cousin who was an Arkansas State Police Investigator for Crime Against Children helped sweep it under the rug and covered it. It’s was 20 yrs ago he raped a 4yr boy. Someone sent me the 1st three pages of the police report. I found the mother, got her side of the story and now there’s a full investigation going on. I felt like you when I first talked to the mother. But G-d kept me. In January 2022 the star of Arkansas passed SB 676, The Lookback Law. The mother has 2yrs to file a civil suit and there might be a criminal suit as well. So pls help me by praying and fasting. Bc some of these ppl around here been knew about it but wouldn’t say anything. I was born here and raised in Miami-Dade County, Florida. So with the way I was raised.
          If you see something wrong, and you know something wrong, DO YOUR DAMNEST TO FIX IT!!! That’s why I’m working so hard right now on this case and this CITY OF BLYTHEVILLE ARKANSAS!!! To hold EVERYONE INVOLVE ACCOUNTABLE.
          Pray my strength in the LORD

    1. Omg, it’s most definitely a eye opener, for sure. Please parents of this young lady? TRY to not blame yourselves, which is hard. We as parents may completely miss signs of a chemical imbalance or the simplest needs. My prayers and deepest sympathy is extended to you and your family. It is us parents worse nightmare. With all that’s ahead of us in this day and time. It could be the best of parents, could miss. There isn’t a hand book, for parenting. We all fall short, may God heal your deep pain..😪

    2. I understand her pain, lost n lonely when your mother doesn’t want to believe her boyfriend is touching you

  1. I know exactly wat it’s like to be in that dark place. I have had and still have suicidal thoughts. Luckily I have not been pushed over the edge and let’s hope that I can build a stronger relationship with my mom so she can understand because she is putting a lot of pressure and pushing me to that edge i so deeply don’t wanna go to

    1. Hold on baby don’t let go . I’ve just lost my son to a murderer it saddens me to know you young ones go through so much xxx

    2. Do can relate to your pain. So much things I couldn’t explain right but all I can tell you is, DO NOT GIVE UP, you are NOT alone.🤗

    3. Sharon Stentaford

      Stay strong lay… I was never very close to my mum, my dad found emotions hard to deal with, u feel alone… But Yr not, they have the issues not you, tell yrself Yr going to be even greater, especially one day when Yr a mum… Life is precious… I am blessed with 2 boys in their 20’s and a 9 Yr old… My everyday is about my 9 year old… Stay strong girl… The world is Yr oyster…. I had depression and anxiety as a 20 Yr old, I just educated myself by reading alot about these subjects, going to the gym was my saviour.. Get Yr ear phones on… Music is the best medicine there is! Stay strong even thru tough times, there is always a light at the end of every tunnel… I’m currently in bed with Covid and it sucks but you must stay strong! Always here, email for a chat anytime! 💞♥️

    4. I am praying for everyone who is going through anything similar please understand God is there for those who seek him. He is not hard to find.

    5. Praying for you life is precious if you’re mother continue to take you to that dark place remove yourself from the situation if possible just remember you are amazing person and gods loves you 😘❤️

    6. Love , try talking to her . Tell her exactly how you feel . I am a mother & this hurt my heart reading this . I know the mother of this child only wishes she had another chance to tell her baby she loves her & to correct every wrong possible. A chance she’ll never get again. Sometimes parents forget they’ve went through times like this as well . Im sorry you’re going through this. Talk to someone please love. Pray about it . Its going to be okay

    7. Hunny, clear your mind! If not your mom, please reach out to someone! I’m a complete stranger & dont mind talking with you! I would be glad to just listen, if thats all you need! There is greatness in your future! Be strong & kno that this is only a test! One in which you can & will overcome!

    8. Sending prayers and hugs to you. Talk to your mom about how the pressure make you feel. Force her to listen please. As a person once feeling like you because of the pressures from my mother and a mother myself. Your life is worth more then you think and things will get better.

    9. If you need to talk email or fb me. I tried suicides 3 times no success I’m still depressed like that it come and goes lost my job my jeep tranny went. Another one of them months. I don’t have my mom to care she never did she let her husband molest me growing up anything that made her happy she didn’t car wat happened to me. Take care of yourself this is real life this shit I felt this in my soul

      1. I know this situation so very well…… is there a family member you can genuinely trust???? Someone who’ll take care of you nd not use or abuse you, someone who’ll protect you and not mind going the extra mile for you? Because if so run to them nd tell them everything, contact child protective services or something GET OUT OF THAT HOUSE Nd NO MATTER don’t turn back Nd don’t take your beautiful precious life it means so much more than you think you’ll see once you get away from that toxic situation that you are beautiful, you are loved, you are appreciated. Trust me I’ve dealt with this you got this

    10. if it means anything i want to say i love you and understand im older then yall but i understand im a stranger to this world i have nobody its a struggle to live daily. i was raped when i was 8 years old by my own uncle til i was almost 18. my family didnt do anything thats why it continued. i was thrown away by both parents as a child and abused. i had 9 kids thats i didnt know how to raise and lost them. they love me dearly tho. i been clean 7 years and the family that let me gets raped downs me for losing my kids. i was never taught love or how to be a parent and i failed. im planning my day to departure soon. my kids keeping me here. you are young. you are loved. give life a chance. dont be like me. if it can help you i want to say again that i love you. i sit in a dark room every day sad and depressed knowing im close. dont let this be you. you can overcome this. ill be be happier away from here but you are young and you are needed.

      1. Honey,I just want to say “I love you”.I also was in a similar situation.Life is hard,but day by day u can make it.I want to give you a big hug to you for being strong and telling your story,something I can’t do,I hide from my past and bury it deep.please reach out and don’t do anything to harm yourself,I may not be near you,but I am here to talk.I feel we were put here to save each other.When you are in the dark place ,look for the light….it’s there.I recently started counseling to try and help me stay out of the dark place.Try it,if the first 1 doesn’t fit you,try’s people who genuinely care ,I do💗.Again I say I love you,contact me .

      2. Hey I hope that you get through your battles it’s sad to know that you went through a traumatic experience like that alone. You have your children to live through and to make sure they are loved more then you were growing up. The only person who can love them like that is you be the better parent that your parents weren’t to you. Don’t leave and give them the possibility of going through the same thing you went threw by jumping from foster Care to foster care. They will give you the unconditional love your looking for and fill the void space in your heart. I hope you chose to stay and fight these battles they will get better one day at a time God is with you every step of the way. Love and blessings. 😊

      3. i wanted to tell you this its not your time yet either please reach out to someone as well if you need to talk you are loved by so many i cant imagine the pain you’ve gone through however i almost got raped when i was 18 i didnt report the guy cause i was an adult and thought no one would believe me. when i was 16 i tried to end my life but god had different plans for me it wasnt my time its not your time either hun you will get through this theres light at the end of the tunnel

      4. U are needed to by your kids. My dad attempted suicide and I found him. But my brother did die to suicide after that and my dad found him. I feel my brother knew my dad would find him and that’s why he did it when he did. But everybody has a story and your work here on earth is not done yet or god would bring you home. Please don’t do that too your kids. #staystrong #believenyourself

    11. There is an unseen enemy that we are fighting against rather a person is saved or unsaved. The devil uses whoever he can. I have the same issues with my mom and I am 38 years old, married with children. The devil is trying to push you to that point but every time those evil thoughts come use the Word of God against him. Pray and allow Jesus to build you up in him because you can only defeat him through the power of Holy Spirit and Jesus. I speak LIFE over you in the name of JESUS. “YOU SHALL NOT DIE BUT LIVE TO DECLARE THE LIVING WORKS OF GOD!!! JESUS loves you and so do I. You and these others people are in my prayers.🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

    12. Hold on if you need someone to talk to I’m here I talked to my kids everyday my second child was like her but It wasn’t bout a guy but I got her counseling and family and me to talk to her n we got her through it so I know what y’all going through I had thoughts but I was just thinking not going to do it I love myself

    13. You got this beautiful and I’m praying for you.

      You’re beautiful and you got this baby girl. Please have a sit down with your mom and let her know how you feel.

    14. I agree Kay! And I’m 32 years old. Parents don’t understand the hurt and pain that they can cause us for a lifetime 🙁

    15. I know u don’t know me. But anytime that u will like to talk I will be a listening eat. I am going to leave u my number so u can call me. 901-497-8636.

    16. Kay I am hear to listen please talk. Never ever think you are in this world alone. Please don’t give up. Email me.

    17. Your life is very important. You have so much to give and learn from this world. Taking your life is not an option. You are a beautiful and smart soul. This world needs you in it

    18. Hang in there till you find your resolution. Your stronger than you know. At the end of the day it’s mind over matter yo. Wake up and thank God for breath every morning that you actually wake. From one human to another I love you and life is worth living. You just have to make it to that point like others and no the journey isn’t easy or a breeze..this is my experience anyway haha, and I only been on earth 29 years. Look I love you and don’t let life win. Life’s a bitch don’t loose to a bitch 😉 if anything be a bigger and a better bitch 😝😂 thats how I see it anyway. Love you stay here with us just find real happiness quick. *Hugs*

    19. Sweetheart please find something that interest you. Get involved in focus/support groups. Thr bible tells the parents nit to provoke their children and some of them knows how to press the right buttons. Ask GOD to guide you and to lead you in the right direction. Don’t look for validation from man. You absolutely cannot please everybody. You will drive yourself wild. Ask GOD to strengthen you where you are weak and to build up where you’ve been torn down. To help make your crooked roads straight and invite him to live on the inside if you. Ask Him to help you woth your unbelief. He said, taste me and see that i am good. I pray for your deliverance. And I believe with everything on me that if you do that, then you will be made free. Trust me. I was in the same boat. I love you and be blessed.

    20. Hey I know you don’t know me but I’m glad you haven’t taken that step to suicide yet and that your still pushing through. God has plans for you and he won’t put too much on you that you can’t handle stay strong and find a counselor that you can talk to get a journal or just find someone that you know you can reach out to that will be there to listen and not judge you. Keep pushing your worth being in this world 😊

    21. i’m in the exact situation i’m loss on what to do i’m struggling and i feel i have nobody to talk to so i resort to going out and hanging out with friends to try and “forget” it .

    22. kay im 29 and i feel your pain still when i was younger my mom used to tell me she didnt like me and wish she never had me. me and my mom are close now but from time to time i still think about it if you need to talk to someone please reach out to me your still young you got a long life to live its not your time.

    23. I pray that God gives you & I the strength to carry on. I literally have the same issue with my mom and it can take you to a low place . I feel like I battle this daily and I pray for her and her families strength in time 💪🏾. Stay strong and take it one day at a time .

    24. You are loved, you are beautiful, you have a peaceful life waiting on you to leave that toxic situation. Your greatness awaits you!!!! Please don’t let the love that lacks at home cause you to take your beautiful life. Reach out and tell your mom how you feel and if she doesn’t have a change of heart then you walk away from her and don’t turn back ❤️❤️❤️ But don’t take your life because of the love someone else lacks. You are beautiful you are enough and when you look at yourself in the mirror you tell yourself that you’re worth it

    25. Hi Kay please know that there’s nothing to much for God! I know that you are young and may not fully understand the magnitude of that statement but please just know that he is always with u & will supply your every need.I believe that he will restore you & your mom’s relationship back to a place where you are comfortable with talking to her about Everything you are going through..U are LOVED

    26. Hey, I’ve been there so many times and I still have those thoughts. I would say for you to reach out to a crisis team or call a crisis hot line and you don’t even have to give your information about who you are or where you live. Don’t need to do this alone you can always send me a friend request on Facebook under Nicole Le Blanc and it’s a picture that says fuck fibromyalgia and I am willing to have a listening hear if you want or need someone to talk to, you are not alone and I will honestly try my best to be there for you as much as I can. Remember family does not have to be blood and you can make your family with friends. My family is very toxic so I refuse to talk to then or even see them except for my grandma

    27. Kay,
      The letter I just read BROKE MY HEART! Now seeing your comment is letting us know this is happening way too often.

      I pray this response finds you in good health.
      I took the time to read this note because I am a mom & I want to know what I can do to be a better mom & NOT ignore any signs. As moms we sometimes get it wrong but I promise my goal is to get it RIGHT. I want my girls to know that I love them EVERYDAY. My goal is to protect my girls & listen to their needs.

      I hope that you’ve found support to keep you thriving to want to live! You are better than suicide. You are special. You are important. Your loved more than you know.

      PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE find different outlets that can give you the support & strength you need to go on. There IS light at the end of the tunnel.

      I pray you enjoyed your holiday yesterday & the holidays to come.

      Signed a person who CARES,

    28. If you ever feel that way Kay please know that you are loved by me and mostly by JESUS read this scripture John 3:16 and please email me. I am sure that your mom loves you very much! God bless you!

    29. Please don’t do anything to harm yourself.. there’s teachers,counselors hotlines church’s,police even fire departments that will guide u for help.. I’ll even help!!! Jesus loves you as hard it seems to believe it’s true.. I’m going through a difficult situation at the moment but I’m keeping the faith as hard as it may seem! Please don’t give up.. I’m gonna pray for u and please look for God as well he’s the father of Jesus Christ his only son who died for us because he loved us! If he can do that he will definitely help you!!

    30. Sending prayers your way. I pray peace, love, and understanding over you and your mother. It’s a very hurtful feeling being in a dark place and I pray light finds you really soon. 💜

    31. Kay God Loves you and so does your mom. Sometimes as parents we over look things by trying to provide and wanting the best for our children. Sit down with your mom and talk to her. See a therapist together but don’t ever think about taking your life bcuz that’s the devil and don’t allow him to take over your soul. You have so much to live for and God will never leave or forsake you. Don’t give the devil the joy of taking your life just for him to have your soul eternally. Whatever you going through shall past and if your mom don’t listen somebody will and pray to God he send someone with good intentions. Don’t give up on life. God put you here for a reason and find your purpose. Stay Blessed

    32. Please young lady if you are having suicide thoughts please reach out to a counselor or professional help, you are not alone in this world, please reach out to someone and get yourself some help, have you tried talking to your mom letting her know how you are feeling, she may not know also try praying God is a awesome God. But please reach out and get professional help and hopefully they can help you cope with what’s bothering you. I’m not trying to judge you in any ways so please don’t take it that way I just hate to see you do anything to yourself that can be prevented. If it get to ruff for you try contacting a suicide hotline and they can direct you in the right direction to get you the help you may need

  2. Sorry for your lost 😞 ❤️ My heart is heavy so young just wanted love & most of all communication 😪🙏🏾

  3. I am dealing with this every day and night. Because my son took his life in front of me. It’s been 4years 3months and so many days and hours. I can’t count now. Reading this it bring me so much pain. I haven’t dealt with it yet. Don’t really know how. I just keep putting the pain deep down inside of me.

  4. I can see where she’s coming from,cause I myself was in her shoes,am also 15,but I still keep my head up for myself,being loved or not I dont really care at this point,i hope her parents understands now,what she was going through,I hope the best for all of em 🖤

    1. The fact of what u said makes me happy. No one will love you better than you! I hate your going through but your not alone, be strong! You can let others know that is not the way! Praying for your strength & may your burdens come to and end! Reach out , im available if need be!

    2. Baby you are loved, you are wonderfully and purposefully made. I pray you find something im this dull creul world and make it your own. May you prosper, soar high and dream big. I believe in you.

  5. Baby come home to your parents everything going to be okay when I read your story I broke down give it to God don’t hurt them more than it already hurt please


    1. I am sorry that you are clearly frustrated. And I’m sorry that you seem to be missing what this is about. It is not about giving your child what they want to please them. It’s not a “doing”, it is about “being” with them. Having an intimate relationship with your child where you sit in a space of love, non judgement, attentiveness with a listening ear in the down of quality time. Children just want from their parents what everyone needs – someone that accepts and understands them and makes that a priority. People think that DOING things is what phrases kids, but that is surface pleasure, not internal fulfillment. Please do what you can to let go of what seems to be anger about it and find your heart and give it to your child.

  7. Never let no one move into your home no matter who it is. Parents now a days give there kids to much freedom and not enough of responsibility.

    1. It’s funny how all of you come online and say condolences and all.
      When she was alive and screaming for help did her parents help her?

      Do you know how many of us are smiling and laughing but we are all so lonely and alone?

      You try sitting them up and explaining and the next is them saying ‘am I not doing enough? ‘ or ‘what do you want ‘. Oh and my all time favorites ‘I’m your parent, I know more than you’ ‘Pray to God for help’.

      Then we withdraw and they don’t bat an eye. But we smile.

      One even said she was given too much freedom, did she misuse it?. She wasn’t given enough responsibility? We nowadays have more responsibility on our shoulders than you generations back then but are you ready to listen?.

      Sad she died, a lot went through experience like hers and survived. Mine is really not like hers but I know what it’s like to feel lonely and to be betrayed when you needed solace.

      Thank you

  8. Hi , Sorry For your lost 😞.. I’ll pray for your family and is it anything you need if so .. please inbox my gmail account

  9. I am so sorry that happened to that child we as parents have to take the time out to listen to our children when they are going through things it is too late when they are gone

  10. Am reading this in tears because my childhood start rushing true my mind like a flood as an adult now I still have nightmares from my childhood abuses this is so sad

    1. Yea I highly doubt a child wrote this. Especially when it got to the bank information bit. But it’s sad none the less.

    2. Milliondollarbossbaby

      Exactly!! I’m glad I wasn’t the only one that noticed that
      Also, what 15yr old you know has a bank account that the parents doesn’t have access too. She said she left her bank information and passwords for the mom in the drawer. Smh people believe anything

    3. There’s some noticeable flaws that convince me she actually wrote this, such as the fact that she liked her uncle being around her even though he did those things to her

  11. Very sad. Sometimes I wonder how do the criminals not get caught. She was only 12 years old when this started. As a parent it’s very heart breaking. My heart goes out this Family. Sending prayers and encouragement.

  12. I know exactly what she have being though may her soul rest in peace they is not a week go by that I don’t have suicide thoughts i even try it a couples of time Am a mother of seven kids

  13. All I have to say is we have to pay more attention to our kids!!!!😭😭💔💔💔💔 it doesn’t matter the age, everyone goes through things mentally!!!!!!

  14. And shall come forth, those who had done good unto the Resurrection of Life and for those whom done nothing but evil unto the Resurrection of Damnation
    John 5: 29

  15. omg how sad my daughter is 9 yrs old ..and has been bullied the last yr in school the school dont do anything she has been punched slapped kicked. diagnosed with anxiety by my gp.. has councilling. wrote me a note on the 19th of october saying i want to die mummy… the next day she was attacked again.. my gp told md to call the police dhe has not been to school since..

    1. Sharon Stentaford

      I wud not send her again either mate, my son is 9years old, if he got bullied at secondary sch and it was not sorted ASAP… He wud be home schoolled by me… Even if I had no money. Yr kids come first always, poor Girl.. Tell her, kids can be so nasty, they are the ones with the problem, not her!!! Sending ❤️💕 to you both x

  16. This is heartbreaking. I have had trauma after trauma since I was 4 years old when I was raped until I was 9. My father shot himself in the head. I lost custody of my 4 daughters. I found my fav brother who was also my best friend 4 days after his birthday in February. I suffer from PTSD. It hasn’t gotten any easier. I became a drug addict. I haven’t done the hard stuff in over 20 years but my latest loosen is benzodiazepines. But I have 45 days clean and this is it or I’m taking myself out. I overdosed 19 times n had to have narcan given to me but that was 20 years ago. I also overdosed on benzodiazepines about ten times in the past 6 years. I’ve also tried to kill myself 5 times but it never worked. I have45 days clean and this is it. I’m getting my girls back and my life back. But I will probably always need a psychiatrist and therapist and meds. Thanks
    Melissa Cook

  17. My condolences to the family my prayers are with u all I’m so sorry this happened stay strong I know how hard it is to lose a child nothing is ever the same without them 😢🤧🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏💔💔💔

  18. this really does break my heart i could’ve never imagine what y’all are going through just know to NEVER GIVE UP ❤️!! i love y’all

  19. I hope her wishes are fulfilled by the parents who are reading this post to pay more attention to what your kids are going through. As an adult we don’t see things as such a big deal but to them it’s everything.
    Now the Uncle can live with this the rest of his life . But he may not even care..

  20. Such a tragic loss. May this young baby s.i.p. But it’s a cpl discrepancies I’ve read in this note. For one she already said her mom gave her love but she was looking for more. Not sure if the love from a young boy or man was what she was yearning for but for the depth of this letter and being able to put her feelings together and compose such a letter. She knew uncle tony and hers relationship wasn’t right. At the age of 15 you have common sense. Smart enough to hide it. She was 12 when it happened but no way possible she thought that was right. Sometimes parents can and will do everything possible to make their kids life comfortable and they still find flaws because they want no rules. It could’ve been worse. Her parents could’ve been drug addicts that left her and her brother without food or shelter. I really think instead of trying to blame parents when u see a person isn’t right mentally, suggest the parents seek mental evaluation. Normal minded people don’t commit suicide. Normal minded people wouldn’t feel unloved when the bigger picture is that they are very loved and not being abused. We as a community must do better.

    1. Deonte text me if you ever feel down please reach out I can help in any way… idk know you but I love you ❤️ 517-512-2150

    2. You were born to die. I don’t know what your life has been like. But every day is a new opportunity to be the best you, that you can be… I love you, and I don’t even know you.. I believe in you and I want you to take control over your life and be happy. Forgive yourself, forgive others and love. Write me if you need me….

    3. Don’t say that your life is so precious keep the faith and continue to pray
      God hears your prayers I’m praying for you may god take you from this dark place that you are in you are amazing person and never forget that 😘❤️

    4. Love Life. Love Yourself! You may not be in a place to make a change now but with time comes change! if no one else does, you live in a way that you will be made whole! You determine your outcome! Reach out im all in!

    5. Could have been worst she was going thru the worst part of her life her uncle raped her. As a matter of fact he used her and broke her down even more and just left her. If she told her mom and dad then what would they have believe her. They already wasnt paying her any attention yall pple is crazy he needs to be locked up he basically killed her himself period.

      1. No parent would believe that a 15 year old would lie about being raped. 15 is a common age for this. If she told her parents, I am certain that they would’ve believed her, especially since the girl claimed that the parents spoiled her with gifts. Do you think that they would just ignore her?

  21. I feel so sorry for this young lady. Our situation today. Does not have to be our situation tommorow. GOD is the ultimate healer. He can carry things to heavy for us to bear… trauma often affects every aspect of our lives. I hate that she didn’t get to live out her truth. By telling on the person who molested her and seeking theraphy.
    Sounds like she never found anyone her age to even be interested in her. Sounds like the void she was missing, was really a relationship with GOD…. I pray that more children will trust someone to speak about what they’ve been through and start down a path of understanding and healing… she sold herself short and she couldn’t imagine anyone knowing or understanding what she’s been through. What she didn’t know was that, she wasn’t alone. The world is full of hurt and traumatized people, who are trying to heal… May this sweet innocent child rest in peace. And to others reading this seek help.. find a support system to be the best you, that you can be… suicide isn’t the answer…

  22. 😔💔I’m fina go sit down and talk to my children thank you for letting me know that all my kids care about is time spent with them love hugs and And un-judged conversation I don’t trust no one I pray strength for your parents it’s not they fault but the lacked on you pay attention to these kids emotions I am hurt

  23. im so glad i dont have a daughter. wtf was u lookn for that u didnt already have. poor dumb girl. uncle needs to be killed. i dnt know if i could love my daughter knowing she whores herself out with a grown man at age 13+. fast lookn for love in all the wrong places. sad story. women today are being raised to be attention seeking just like this lil girl was. she wouldve ran off with r kelly the second she had a chance. now she dead cuz she didnt want to slow down and be a lil girl.

    1. First off, regardless of the situation, this was shared to inform & help! You don’t know why she didn’t tell! She was a child, that was her uncle! Adults are manipulated & played! It happens! People grow to love or enjoy something, wrong or right! After so long one can loose sight! True, the world is corrupt and possible misguidance in some cases but don’t add gas to the fire! Help, add guidance, lead by example or leave ut be! No one is the same & strength is not everyone strong feature

    2. Wow!! How dare you call her a WHORE see and say shit like that she was raped you dumb fuck what if one day when you have a daughter and this happens to her???

      1. Right Reed he pissed me off calling her that. She was just a kid trying to find her way and he used that against her..her own uncle sick bastard.. Reed i think that he is sick too

    3. I read her story I felt her pain i cried😭😭 I read about 30 other comments.but when I got to yours🙁🙁i have 5 blessed kids 3 boys 2 girls my oldest is 9 my youngest is 1 their not with me but after reading that I cant wait till it get day it’s 4:30 n the morning but when 7:00 get here I’m getting n my car I’m going to my sister’s house n I’m going to hug my kids like I never hug them before it hurt me to my heart because I wasn’t there for them like I should have been it’s not to late I love mines unconditional but when I saw what u wrote i was like now this is where I come n…….. u sound stupid u don’t no what all that child been through r how long she been thinking about that. I don’t no nothing about that child r u but u got some nerves people’s don’t just take their own lives because of something that happened last week r yesterday it take months even years to want to take your own life u must had to much to drink r some other young lady took your man I don’t wish bad luck on nobody we all go through things n life n ain’t nobody perfect n that goes for u n me so the next time u comment on something if it ain’t nothing good about a person keep your 2 cent to yourself thank n may God bless us all

  24. When did she took her life? Bc I know how she felt . Her uncle did that to her my stepbrother did it to me and my sister . So I understand where she’s coming from . She was in pained and she couldn’t tell her family about it bc he is her family. What kind of man is that for reals . Someone’s daughter killed her self bc she couldn’t tell her mom or dad about what happened. I hope all parents ti make sure ur kids are okay and not hurting or depressed or acting out in school or home smh 🤦‍♀️ pray for her family for reals . I literally cry when I read this bc I can related it . I have try to killed my self 8 times and it isn’t easy to do that bc I don’t want to die and I want my family to be there for me . My family is really messed up but u can’t choose ur family but plz be a lesson to all parents who doesn’t relized it little to late . I hope they get justice for her . To let her rest her soul in peace 💔🙏

      1. Even then, she should’ve pulled through and be courageous enough to tell her, regardless of the consequences that come with it.

  25. That truly touched my heart as a girl who was suicidal in her younger years even as an adult . That poor girl shouldn’t have to go thru any of that I wish her parents would’ve saw the signs. My family kept a very close eye on me and it’s so sad a young life cut short. All parents please pay attention to your children Rest in Pease Baby-girl.

  26. I highly doubt a 15 girl wrote that note considering the bank information and how mutually this was wrote but this is so sad and my heart goes out to your family. I’ll pray for you and your family stay strong for your son

    1. You underestimate the intelligence of a 15 year old. I know many even younger than her that could articulate this.

  27. I know this family all to clear!!! I’m still looking for love and people don’t get it so I’m here for anyone needing love and understanding!!!! If you need just to talk and walk or ride!!!! I’m here!!!! Call me 7579671090!!!! I’m so serious cause life can be happy with the love you need!!!! I don’t judge or criticize nobody cause I’m not perfect and nobody is!!!! I’m here for whatever you need to fill love in your life!!! I love everyone!!!!

  28. This really saddens my heart as a 22 y/o black male I’ve been through my share of struggles growing up, Nd only because of faith I never actually considered taking my own life… maybe at times I did flirt with the idea but because of my fear of going to hell I never actually felt as if I would although the pain I felt from 12-16 was at times VERY unbearable. feeling like I wasn’t as important to my mother as any of her boy friends because she showed me Nd my sister that in many ways, being put last and watching how little interest my mom had in my dreams, goals and aspirations…. Being a kid is hard, the suckiest thing about it is, as kids we don’t ask to come to this world…. So if you are a parent reading this… for one introduced your kids to god early because I can promise you, if I didn’t think that committing suicide was going to send me to hell I probably would’ve did it

    2. Put your kids before any Nd everyone PERIOD

    3. Reassure to your child/ren that they matte, and that there loved.

    4. let them know If they ever need to talk to you about anything and I do mean anything you will always be there to listen, hear them out and give advice, love Nd wisdom because as a kid we don’t know what we don’t know

    5. Do your best to understand your child/ren… know when there “off” and acting strange, when you do notice something “off” be there for them and constantly ask them what’s going on because sometimes we don’t feel like we can tell our parents things even when the trust is strong, but if you keep acknowledging there “off” behavior they will eventually let you in and from there you need to see what you can do as a parent to revert that child back to there normal self….

    Plz parents we need you, you were all kids once remember how you felt when being neglected save our kids👏🏾

  29. Soooo Sad n Heartbroken Rip I suffer with depression and it’s real Parents Please Please Pay Attention To Y’all Kids n Love n Listen N Watch For Signs Of Depression One Concern Parent 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  30. Ppl be so quick to say stay strong we here for you we hear you but in all reality you don’t… you don’t understand what we feel you don’t understand the battles we fight. I wrote a letter to my mom and daughter and hide it so the day I go over the edge my last words has already been stated

    1. Regardless of what the situation we r all human everything happens for a reason I stay n Mississippi it’s never to late to start over it ok to be angry it’s ok to hurt but no this trouble don’t last always listen sometimes God speaks through us all her story is going to save a lot of kids life starting with mines I’m a mother of 5 sad to say but I put a lot of other things before my kid that’s why it hurted me so bad when I read her story the signs be right there but we looks all over them but walk by Faith and not by sight.n let God lead the way Amen………… blessed to be stressed

  31. This is beyond sad and unfortunate. Praying to all involved and I hope the uncle is held accountable for his actions.

    If anyone is looking for someone to talk to my email is… I’m open to talk to you and be your voice or reasoning. Sometimes we need a stranger to step in and turn our life around. Praying for anyone fighting this battle.


  33. I can relate to what this girl went through. I was also sexually assaulted as a child growing up, and also as an adult. When you are sexually assaulted as a child it’s hard to open up and speak up right away. It can be due to fear of people not believing you. And also at times abusers silence victim survivors by threatening them. She was dealing with psychological traumas, and dealing with emotional hurts and pains that are resulting from sexual abuse by her uncle. She was desperate, and wanted to cry out for help but she felt neglected by her parents. Despite the love she thought she got as her parents provided for her needs but didn’t really spend the time to emotionally support her.

    Just know that you are not alone. There are so many people out there that are willing to talk to you and hear you out in terms of the pains that you are going through. Your life is precious. God created you to be a beautiful child of God, and his not finished with you yet. God has a purpose for you still here on earth. Please don’t be afraid to reach out for help.

    1. Are you people not reading the story. She is deceased, she took took her own life. She wrote a suicide letter entailing why she committed suicide. Therefore, no she can’t talk to her mother, friends or teachers at this point. Just pray for the family during this difficult time. Rest in eternal love and peace baby girl!

  34. I know exactly what it’s like to be alone I am sorry you had to go to such pain in darkness. I have been in the dark myself very self-centered and felt so alone many of times I’ve even try to do stuff in that wanna be here either I will forever be with you.

  35. My heart goes out to the little girls mother ..sometimes as mother we get caught up not attentionally but we do let’s change that today..

  36. Elizabeth Morris

    First I want to say my thoughts and prayers are with this young lady and her family. But with that being said last week I found out my 12 year old son has been cutting himself, and he has been getting into more and more trouble at school. All of this has completely blind sided me coming from him, and I’m truly at a lose and I don’t have a clue as to what way to turn. So please if anyone has any suggestions please reach out. Thank You

    1. Talk to your baby! Ask him what is going on eat dinner with him watch fav movies enjoy your time and then talk to him to see what is on his mind. Sometimes kids at school can be bad influences and they can be mean people. Make sure they are not apart of it. Tell him good things feed him with good people. God loves you and him dearly pray for it and God will listen

  37. My Heart is saddened after reading these msgs. Deepest condolences to all that have lost loved ones. Parents just know that when you have children, they need just as much love if not more as they grow older than they do as infants and toddlers. Never assume they are ok. Because if we parents don’t show them the love they need the world will (social media, predators, the devil, etc etc). I’m a parent and I have a daughter that is battling with things similar. I try to get her to talk to me outside of everyday things. But more on a personal level because I can feel the attack of depression on her. I make sure I tell her I love her every chance I get. And that I’m here for her.
    Jesus loves and Jesus saves! He will never leave you or abandon you. Pray to your higher power for help love and everything to need. If you’re dealing with anything don’t be afraid to talk to someone. If you can’t to you’re loved ones find a trustworthy person to talk to that will return good advise pure love and pray with you. Feel free to contact me.
    Dear Lord you are great and mighty and you are everywhere all seeing & all knowing. I thank you for always loving us. Today I ask that you dispatch your loving presence all over the universe. Touch each and everyone that reads this post even if they don’t read it in its entirety. Cancel out all evil wicked untrustworthy assignment. Cancel out all suicidal thoughts and attempts filled that void of loveless and thoughts of no one cares about me with joy & peace. You tell us “The joy of you is our strength.” Lord strengthen NOW! This is in your great and mighty name I pray Amen 🙏🏾
    I love you I’m here if you ever want to talk to someone that will listen and not judge. Ttys!!

  38. So very sorry for your loss…this is such a sad story. May your daughter continually to rest peacefully. 💛

  39. I’ve come to the point where I don’t wanna vent to anyone…just be by myself …having suicidal thoughts and attempts.

    1. Please don’t be scared to reach out I’m here for you keep your head up, and God made you for a reason you are here for a reason much love

  40. This was me and I was her Smfh only I wasn’t 15 I was 5 and he left at 9 she learned to much to soon this baby was hurting aching shouldn’t even have been so warped into adult love this is sad prayers for her brother

  41. I pray for your strength and send my condolences to you and your family. I have never went outside my family (my husband and my children) about this ever I pray that I word it for your understanding but I’m a living witness to how that baby girl felt completely within the I’m a woman that suffers with Depression everyday of my life because of my childhood and the evil and nasty men(my stepdad and his male cousins)I had encountered as I grew up from a little girl(age8/9until14) my Mom was present in my life daily she trusted the wrong men to babysit or just leave me alone with while she was too busy for me. Yes I still struggle daily and cry like a baby and my mom is still living but I never and to this day ever had a Moma and it is a unexplainable feeling that nobody should ever have to feel on earth. Yes I’m a Mother of 6 and even they Father and I are married no one but God comes before mines and I will kill about them if anyone ever trys touching them in the wrong way because a child is innocent and an gift from God and if you birth them in the world God is letting you know as a Mother to Protect at All Cost!!! Now don’t get me wrong if they do something wrong like against the Law or They in the wrong I don’t stand behind that at All but if they are right and someone has wronged them by hurting their innocence then they dealing with Me point blank period I quit my job to stay home with mines I don’t and still don’t trust nobody not even family only man I trust is God and My Husband(my best friend that knows my childhood)cause they know me inside and out and know I don’t play that at all!! I’m am Truly Hurt about this Lil Precious Angel I attempted Suicide also to take the pain away but my oldest sister found me in time I was blessed to have her at that time cause my mom and her husband didn’t have a clue. Seeing this really does something to me and I want to do something to help girls out there just like me. I never been able to speak to crowds but I might can do it with God standing with me. It’s others girls and boys out there that needs someone to help them just cause they have a Great Home and Loving Parents doesn’t mean it’s All Joy. I don’t know you Angel but I Love You and Pray that You can Rest your Sweet Heart💜. To her parents keep your heads up I know that won’t stop the pain but she is your Angel watching over You. I’m Truly Sorry for Your Loss😢.


  43. Caring counselor

    As a school counselor I deal with these sityations every couple of days and sometimes everyday. I just wish students understood that the current circumstances won’t last a lifetime although it may feel that way. There is always help, and it may not come from your family directly but there are others who truly care. Families need to start eating dinner together again, talking to each other again, spending quality time and if you see a detachment or emotionsl gaps seek family counseling. We are losing too many of our babies that feel that this is the only alternative and that breaks my heart. Sending virtual hugs and healing prayers for all that are at an emotional deficit to the point of this. 😥

  44. This shit really broke my heart I was just talking to my cousin letting her know she got a lil cuzzin on the way shits heartbreaking 💔

  45. My heart goes out to her family. That must of been the worst thing ever to got through but another of these teens now in days feel like that. Open your eyes parents and talk to your kids, May God Bless You All 🙏

  46. This letter took my breadth away, please don’t do something foolish. There is always light at the end of a tunnel. Your situation is a difficult one but please do not give up, there is always hope.
    Keep the faith, God is in charge

  47. I saw a story on ID channel, a young lady 12 was being molested by her uncle and mom happened to find video where he recorded it and she went to his job to confront him and he laughed in her face and said what are you going to do? Well, she went to her car grabbed her pistol and unloaded it in him. Got off with 5 yrs probation. The community rallied behind her. Also a DNA test proved he fathered the child she ended up pregnant with and they gave up for adoption.

  48. Marylou Gutierrez


  49. Thanks for sharing your story. My prayers and condolences to you and your family. This may save someone one day.

  50. That’s not a good enough excuse to kill yourself. Then she tried to drag her parents in. I’m not playing ace Ventura to find out what’s going on in yo life. I have enough keeping the lights off. I never understood people let opposite sex relatives run free. I keeping tabs on everything moving. If she felt like that and stuff happened she should have opened her mouth. Not take the coward way out and throw her parents under a bus. Shameful lil shit.

    1. you are quite literally the biggest bigot i’ve ever seen on social media. i hope you get the karma you deserve, you sick fuck. you don’t get to tell anyone what’s a “good enough” fucking reason to take their lives. and are you so stupid to think that rape victims can just say what’s going on? do you understand how disastrous it can be? you were raised terribly. you are disgusting and shameful, and anyone else who thinks like you. ignorant piece of shit.

    2. You’re actually correct I’m not gonna lie. I would’ve spoken out instantly. I’m 15 years old, just like the girl, and know this.

  51. For everyone dropping their emails and phone numbers so they can talk to her, sorry but, she’s dead.

  52. It’s so disheartening how suicidal act has become the talk of the day, I know parents are really trying their best but not every want require material things, sometimes what we need is just little time to tell you how our day went, and you giving us advise on how to carry on, sometimes it might be love we are craving for, like holding us into your hands pampering us and even studying us than we study ourselves so that you will easily notice any slight changes in us. Sure the deed has been done but to put an end to it pay close attention to us, be friends with our friends (know the kind of friends we roll with) know what is bothering our mind and provide a way out for us. Money can’t buy the love we crave for sometimes. Thanks a lot.

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