The Story of the Lumi – Africa’s Digital Currency

The First Anniversary of the LUMI stimulus program was observed on October 10, 2021.  ,The event celebrated the AKL or LUMI as the new African digital currency and as the new non-fiat digital currency of Africa, the African Diaspora and the world. The establishment of the LUMI as a financial instrument and currency backed by solar energy and gold offers a solid economic foundation for African unity, economic development, self determinism.  The  LUMI finally gives an opportunity for African nations and people to take a leadership role in the Continent’s development and elimination of poverty and a chance to enter into new realms and dimensions to build a New World Order for Africa and Africans, based on having a solid economic base in the mineral and natural resources of the Continent.

The LUMI will be the foundation on which to build national industries based on the wealth of Africa’s indigenous mineral resources, population, scientific innovations and inter-connected international links, and will strengthen the inbred determination for survival that kept Africa alive through 400 years of European domination by enslavement and colonialism.

The Eco-6 LUMI (short for Economic Community of Nation, Kingdom, states and realms within the 6th region of the African Union), a Sub-Regional government that is the Sixth Region of the African Union and was created by treaty with many member states in the African Continent, as well as the African Diaspora, with the Capital in Jamaica. Eco-6 LUMI is a non-fiat digital currency and not an individual crypto currency like the Bitcoin, Zugacoin, pinkcoin and other cryptocurrenciesm and is underwritten by 100KWh of solar energy and convertible to 4 grains of gold. 4 grains of gold in weight equals 0.2592 grams. The current value for 1 LUMI is US$15.96.



The LUMI was originally established in 2019 as a digital and monetary currency within the Maroon communities and the African Diaspora, by Maroon Finance Minister Timothy McPherson.

And so, the financial engineer Timothy McPherson, having worked 22 years for one of the oldest banks in the world, continued his mission to make the LUMI the most stable digital currency in the world in the classical sense of money.  This led him to meet with Financial Technician and Banking wizard Dr Linus Etube the inventor of the Swifin digital wallet. This on-boarded and distributed the LUMI currency to over 1.4 million people worldwide to 175 countries registering over 10 thousand people a day.

Mcpherson also signed a contract of collaboration with the African Financial Regulatory Authority(AFRA) to help it to implement its mandate set forth by the African Union, which summarizes the creation of (a) a regulatory arm called AFRA, (b) an African Central Bank for all member sovereign nations of Africa and (c) the creation of a stable central currency that all member nations can use to conduct trade on the continent of Africa.

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