The Sick Criminals of Montego Bay, Part 2

Remember in our previous story where we mentioned that law enforcers were not completely oblivious of the guns and ammunition criminals had? Doggie and Bigga Crime managed to bring many guns into Jamaica “undetected”, but it is popular belief that politicians aided in these acts.

But think about it, this theory is not very far-fetched considering the factors that made the Shower Posse so powerful. For one, the government was working with Dudus. For two, Dudus is believed to have had connections with the CIA. This was only done because these high powers saw it as beneficial to them… or was it because they were threatened?

Stone crusher, for example, was not just a gang. It was the armed wing of a political arm. Many of the killings that were carried out by this gang were not just feuds between themselves and others. They were contract killings. This information was exposed by Superintendent Newton Amos, which, of course, received backlash from prominent business owners who used these armed criminals to their advantage. After releasing this information, which was ironically part of his job, he got reassigned out of the parish. Some would argue that he should have been thankful that that was the sanction instead of… you know.

Though those involved in his cover-up thought they got rid of a problem before it started, a number of extradition requests for Montegonian influential/authoritative figures would prove that this is indeed how corrupt the system was.

How did these often illiterate, uneducated criminals manage to become so feared and respected? Some would say it was with the help of Jamaicans who had migrated before. Word in the street is that once some members of the diaspora recognized the game, they sent money to those left behind to fund the criminality. They were involved in the heavy armory these inner-city criminals had in their name. The law enforcers who should have been intervening in this cycle of bribery were part of the cycle themselves. In fact, some members of the gangs were also members of the security forces, making it easier for the cycle to continue. If law enforcers are on your team, you have firsthand knowledge of impending doom. It’s as if you were on set at the movie scene months before the official release.

Sometimes, when police were killed it would often be those who are part of this system of corruption who realize their deals were being threatened. These crimes were sometimes ignored because they would be killed by other police officers, therefore, sometimes investigation is not done. For example, this could be on the scene of a shootout where some people on your own team are against you.

Where do politicians play a part in all this, you ask? The ones who are not included in this crime roadmap were too busy trying to blame the opposing party of the downhill slope. While they were busy squabbling about whose fault it is, it allowed people to sneak out of the back door while the play was being acted out.


Kristen Francis – Crime reporter


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