The Ministry of Sports Culture Entertainment and Gender Affairs AND the Tourism Enhancement Fund (TEF)partners with Entertainers Against Crime and Violence (EACAV) for CELEBRATION OF PEACE 2020

Jamaica News: This CELEBRATION OF PEACE 2020, is a family fun day and concert which is slated for Sunday February 23, 2020 in Montego Bay, at the Catherine Hall Sports Complex, to start from 10 am with show time 3pm, is another brain child of this organization (EACAV) which hosted the annual free concert in Montego Bay in an effort to play a role in the solution of crime through entertainment. The annual event showcased more than 65 entertainers from across Jamaica, who consolidated their voices in denouncing crime and violence.

The minister of entertainment Olivia Babsy Grange through her ministry and the Tourism Enhancement Fund (TEF) ARE first to answer the call to this 2020 edition for sponsorship and has agreed to partner making it another of her reggae month event and another tourism product  for western Jamaica respectively

EACAV directors, entertainer Mackie Conscious (Dennis Mc Kay), George Geddyz Thomas (musician/ Bung Guh Lhung Entertainment) from Montego Bay and Carl Edwards (musician/live Wyya Band) from Ocho Rios have pledged to continue promoting live entertainment to bring about hope for several talented youths in and around Montego Bay, by giving them the opportunity to feel important on stage with an instrument other than a gun.


The 2018 and 2019 series did not materialize as a result of lack of sponsorship. They were free events to the public, yet with a high bill which was hoped to be paid for by corporate Jamaica, who were giving back.  February, Reggae month will become the new time instead of the usual busy December end of year activity.

EACAV hope this will  create an opportunity to boost our economy by encouraging economic support to citizens through vending and building tourism, as tourists are welcomed to attend and intermingle with locals  for an exciting treat of clean family entertainment, featuring live reggae music. Ultimately promoting another of Jamaica’s indigenous tourism product.

So far a few of our regular partners have already expressed interest. The list includes: Irie Fm Reggae Radio, Mello FM Radio, Mello TV, More 91.7 FM Radio and Western Mirror. We still await confirmation from others to whom requests have been made.

Artistes are currently being booking. The list of Gospel and secular will be revealed at a later date when confirmed.

876 385-0389.  [email protected]

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