‘The Last Dance’ changes Barack Obama’s bizarre title card

Barack Obama has come a long way in two weeks.

The director behind “The Last Dance” documentary about Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls restored Obama to “President Barack Obama” during Sunday nights’ episodes, this after referring to him as a “Former Chicago Resident” two weeks ago, causing a stir.

Former President Bill Clinton had also been labeled “Former Arkansas Governor,” and the director of the “The Last Dance” explained the early Obama and Clinton references were “a little inside joke in our edit room.”

“I was pretty adamant that when we have a celebrity, we wanted it to be organic to the story,” Jason Hehir told Boston.com “We don’t want to just have a president for president’s sake.

“Even though Obama is a basketball fanatic, he’s not qualified to speak on the significance of the Chicago Bulls and Michael’s style of play like a Bob Ryan would be. The reason he was in there is that he was a former Chicago resident.”

It unclear if the references were changed after the stir, or whether the 44th President was going to get his title back all along. Obama and Jordan are friends, and the six-time NBA champion received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from Obama in 2016.


Source: New York Post

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