The Government of Jamaica Appoints Onika Campbell As Honorary Consul to Antigua and Barbuda

High Commissioner for Jamaica to Antigua and Barbuda, His Excellency Arthur Williams, has announced that the Government of Jamaica has appointed Onika Campbell, a young Businesswoman, multi award-winning Journalist and former Journalism lecturer to the prestigious office of Honorary Consul to Antigua and Barbuda. The post became vacant in 2012 following the resignation of Attorney at Law, Septimus Rhudd.

Campbell, who hails from the parish of Hanover in Jamaica received her Writ of Commission from the Government of Jamaica in December 2019 and is charged with the Government’s mandate to protect the interests of Jamaica and Jamaican nationals, within the limits prescribed by international law, which includes

·      Processing documents, such as visa applications, passport applications and supporting documents and authenticating and transmitting official and legal documents

·      Issuing of emergency travel documents to Jamaican nationals

·      Issuing visas to foreign nationals wishing to visit Jamaica

·      Visiting and providing assistance, as appropriate to nationals who have been arrested or incarcerated

·      Fostering friendly and mutually beneficially relations between Jamaica and Antigua & Barbuda through the promotion of Tourism, Trade and Investment

The Jamaican Consulate is located in the Obeez Complex Sir Sidney Walling Highway (Factory Rd). Persons wishing to reach the Honorary Consul can call 734-5244 or visit them on facebook at Jamaican Consular Services in Antigua.

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