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The Closeted Serial Killer, Mansfield Jr.

Many people, specifically males, name their children after them. There are some names that are generational, and the names follow the 3rd, 4th, 5th, order, while some are simply Senior and Junior.

Now, have you ever thought about those people who named their children after them, for them to turn into a complete disappointment to their name and family? That is the case for serial killer William Mansfield Jr, who was born in 1956, who is responsible for the murders of five women and girls between 1975 and 1980.

William Mansfield, Jr., also known as Billy, was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and was the eldest of five children. This means he was responsible for his younger siblings. It is sad to think that there is a possibility that his influence rubbed off on them, like his father’s did. That’s right. William Sr. was a convicted child molester who served sentences in Michigan and Nevada, and often encouraged fights between his sons. The player is often better than the coach: Jr. was more than a child molester. He was also a serial killer and sex offender. He buried the bodies of four of his victims at the family home in Spring Hill, Florida, and later raped and strangled a woman in California. He was convicted for the homicide in Florida, and later pleaded guilty to the previous ones.

Despite the trauma from his father, Mansfield claimed he had a good upbringing with his family. This was until he turned 14, when he dropped out of school and altered his birth certificate to serve in the Army. During this time, he turned to alcoholism, then began experimenting with hard drugs. He was sent for treatment at a Veterans Administration Hospital in Tampa in 1978 and 1980. Before this, in 1975, he married Phyllis Spielmaker and they had two children, but the marriage was rather short, as they divorced in 1979. She stayed in Grand Rapids with the kids. She claimed that that he was a closeted bisexual and would often carry home men from gay bars and would have sex with them in front of her. He also once discussed murder with her.


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