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Texas shooting of a unarmed 15 year old

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By SS the Showstopper

Jordan Edwards, an African American age 15, is the latest victim of a Texas shooting by police officers while leaving a house party that had gotten out of control in Texas.

Balch Springs Police Chief Jonathan Haber originally said the car backed up toward responding officers “in an aggressive manner.”

A cop responding to the scene shot at the car with a rifle. A bullet broke through the front passenger’s window and hit Edwards. Shortly after, Edwards was rushed to a hospital, where he died from gunshot injuries; another Texas shooting by a police officer and no officers were injured in the incident.

Police in Balch Springs, Texas, a majority-minority Dallas suburb, claim there was an altercation with the vehicle. Edwards, who was unarmed, was sitting in the front passenger’s seat, with four other unarmed teens, including Edwards’s brother, in the car, according to family attorney Lee Merritt.

After his original statement, however, Haber said that he “misspoke.” He clarified that the car was in fact driving away from officers, not toward them. He added, “After reviewing video, I don’t believe that it [the shooting] met our core values.”

The officer who shot Edwards, whose name has yet to be released, is on administrative leave pending an investigation.

Neighbors told reporters that the party was crowded and unsupervised, very noisy, drunk teens misbehaving, fighting which led to many persons  leaving the party. “Edward was one of them who left as he said it was out of control and getting dangerous,” according to the family attorney.

Edwards’s coaches and community members reportedly attended a press conference demanding answers for the shooting. Mesquite Independent School District, where Edwards was a freshman in high school, said in a statement that he was “a good student who was very well liked by his teachers, coaches, and his fellow students.” Edwards played football at the school, and one of his teammates called him “the best running back I ever played with.”

The Dallas County Sheriff’s Department will investigate the shooting. The department is currently reviewing body camera footage of the shooting, but the video hasn’t been released to the public yet.

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